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I'm like, 900% certain that this account was for shit posting in a previous life. How the fuck did I live my life without all this shit posting?

You are far too cute. Far too funny. Far too perfect.

Hey. I love you. Yes. Its true. Also you're cute. And like, breath taking.

Please don't stop being you, okay?

Just. Like, be good. Okay? Like, just stop doing all the bad things you were doing and be good.


sexual reference 

My Gods,

Cumming on E is the most extreme thing ever.
I've never cum so hard. In my life.

And I've got it setup so that the site automagically builds after I push changes. Like, my workflow is pretty much just "modify or add some .md files" then "push to git server". That's it.

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So I did something absolutely inane:
I'm very happy to say that I own this.

Oh wow Google is recommending me an article showing the top 10 surveillance cities in the world, and they're all in Europe or the east! I sure glad that I, someone living in the west, am safe from surveillance capitalism :) I am also glad to be warned that China, known capitalist superpower, is a threat to me personally but that I am safe here!!! It's a good thing I critically engage with the media I am given 😇

selfie (cw: gender terrorism, eye contact) 



You ever try so hard to vocalize anything, then nothing comes out of your mouth? There's so much I want to say. To anyone. But when I open my mouth, nothing comes out. I feel so helpless, like something deep inside me is broken and it'll never get fixed.

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