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every day i have rando rightwingers encounter my posts on twitter i think how "social media thats accessible to entire public userbase" is really not a thing i want as much anymore.

(not that mastodon is actually that different in that regard i think?)

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lol lmao this is very funny in hindsight given how 2020 went. i am happier on average though at least

Tedious games guy 

Phew false alarm, he didn't buy the $10 bundle but only one of the games at $3 (not mine). Safe

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Tedious games guy 

apparently Jonathan Blow played & streamed the collection of games I just released something for..... mixed reactions

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a list of games featuring characters that are POC in the bundle for racial justice 

In the bundle for racial justice and equality, these are some of the games where the user can play as a character who is black or a person of color (POC):

* A Normal Lost Phone
* Arcade Spirits
* As We Know It
* Butterflies
* Corine Cross's Dead & Breakfast
* Crystal Control II
* Detective Hank and the Golden Sneeze
* Dusk Child
* Extreme Meatpunks Forever
* Fossil Hunters
* A Game of Changes
* The Hex
* Life: The Game of Chance
* Lingotopia
* The Müll Littoral
* Ollie & Bollie: Outdoor Estate
* One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party
* One-Eyed Lee: Prologue
* Path Out
* Pendula Swing: The Complete Journey
* The Stillness of the Wind
* To Be A HerpWitch
* Unfair Jousting Fair
* Verdant Skies
* Watch Me Jump

Some of the games where the user can't play a character who is black or a POC, but at least interact with important characters who are black or a POC:

* Campfire Cooking
* Celeste
* Crest - an indirect god game
* Inverness Nights
* Love Hues

Representation matters. You can explore the games in the bundle at

blasphemous joke 

have you heard the good news? jesus died on the cross for your cringe!

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je suis tellement contente d'avoir enregistré cette connerie <3

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omg this is the most adorable optical drive design i've ever seen in a laptop

Sad covid19 vent post 

Ahhhhhhh I just want to scream out the window and go meet friends and hug someone is that too much to ask

Sad covid19 vent post 

And then like... I feel guilty for being able to hide at home whilst slowly the number of friends falling ill increases

even though the reason I'm hiding at home is because I've a better (worse?) chance of death if I get it

But there's nothing I can do about it either way... I hate feeling powerless

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Sad covid19 vent post 

Okay this is the week I transition from "going feral in quarantine" to just becoming sad and lonely and depressed. I know I'm not *really* in a bad position, all considered, but all the emotional processing I put off for the last few weeks is hitting now

Plus due to the two month interruption to laser, I'm watching progress get undone on my face which is Not Great for usually fairly under control dysphoria

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ghosts don't have feet because they're not perverts

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What if we kissed... at the funeral for British prime minister Boris Johnson after he died from coronavirus... and we were both girls 😳

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