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Covid19, black humour 

What if we kissed... at the funeral for British prime minister Boris Johnson after he died from coronavirus... and we were both girls 😳

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I can never find it, but back during all those clown sightings there was an article where a sheriff was telling people not to worry because "he believed it wasn't real clowns, just people in clown outfits" and I think about that all the time

coronavirus, joking about death 

tired: I hope covid19 infects Republicans and tories
*reads british news*
wired: omg covid19 IS a republican

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I'm like 90% sure Banksy is a white guy, but I'm having a wild time imagining the frantic repositioning of white faux-progressives as they insist, in the wake of Banksy being ID'd as a person of colour, that they've always been against their graffiti as senseless vandalism

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I hate when people do the "name every woman they're aware of who does X" thing. As if the most interesting feedback I could receive about my work is someone correctly reiterating my own gender back at me.

ukpol, humour 

As the fruits of his ill-advised decisions come back to haunt him, David Cameron opens the door to an angry mob.

Nervously, he asks what the crowd want.

The brexiteers reply, "was the pig british?"

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2000: Welcome to our shitty animated flash site for our restaurant. The hours will be baked into the flash so good luck if we ever change them

2010: Welcome to our shitty broken web site for our restaurant, here's a blurry, super-compressed scan of the cover of our menu

2020: Welcome to our shitty facebook page for our restaurant, we had a tech savvy young server set it up for us but then she quit so we can never update it again

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"The growing inaccessibility of science"


"Access options"


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"'Tis dummy thiccness," I muttered, "Clapping at my chamber door—
Only this and nothing more."

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Games writing discourse (past) 

Hey what's the games publication that didn't pay all those people? They did a Kickstarter I think? Can't remember their name

Joke about suicidal ideation (I'm ok tho) 

Me as a teen: I'll sleep when I'm dead

Me as an adult: I simply wish to be dead

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Hi Mastodon, could you take a look at these very beautiful #handmade #crochet blankets, made by my son J. *Proud parent emoji*

J is gay & trans & trying to raise money by selling his works of crochet art. He is working part time & does loads of community activism, so I offered to help by putting these up for him.

Reasonable offers are welcome, bearing in mind that they are large & take many, many hours work. If you are interested & want to know more, let me know.

MH (-), meme 

Freya can have little a depression

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it's not just that people will dismiss you as unimportant or unrealistic for trying to do something that is both positive and not commercialized, they will steal from you to ensure you CAN'T do it as much as they can! jesus christ

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