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black humour, depression posts, covid 

lol lmao this is very funny in hindsight given how 2020 went. i am happier on average though at least

grave meme 

bro i'm literally just vibing let me lie in my grave in peace

Dumb lewd joke 

Smh even the vegetables I buy are thirsty. I'm tired, I can't deal with this

Dating, nsfw restaurant sign 

Place we went to for dinner yesterday had this neon sign up by the bar which was A Lot

Later after making out a bunch I asked the girl if she pointed the sign out to me for inspiration, which made her splutter, so that was fun

Cursed bottle of tea 

Bought this green tea at the shop purely on the strength of the anime boys

didn't notice the horny-ass Pixar gremlin also on it. I hate it. Absolutely cursed green orb

too nsfw for birdsite 

Amusingly, I am in exactly the same position on this Top Compass that I am on the regular Political Compass

Dalai lama, birdsite screenshot, trans joke 

Tired: the dalai lama is great
Wired: the dalai lama is problematic
Inspired: the dalai lama is a trans egg

Film festival snark 

Ways Of Seeing eachother's business cards

Mildly nsfw, from birdsite 

(original from birdsite user duduuugs )

Upsetting UI design on Android phones that you will never unsee 

The angles of the WiFi signal icon and the phone signal icon are not quite the same; very close but slightly less than parallel.

Me as an insufferable teen: I only like really clever, smart humour. Biting satire is truly the height of intelligent comedy

Me now, internet poisoned and tired: ha ha ha "nuts"

2 days off in 18 days, about five of which were 10-14 hour shifts, and then I draw this tarot card on the bus home... oh, crunch

I have made a terrible discovery: the name of the outermost layer of skin

saw this on youtube and it instantly activated my fight-or-flight reflex

lesbian stereotype bingo meme 

ding! ding! ya girl got a bingo!

("was a tomboy as a child" is a loaded question for trans lesbians tho)

Uncomfortably horny advert on a bus 

Bottoms be like:

Nsfw, medicine 

Tired: making someone scared to stop hiccups
Wired: finger in the ass

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