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hello! my name is freya c! i make games and music and writing! my most recent game was about tarot, trans women, and alien abduction, and you may like it!

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subtoot-ish, thing that's just been on my mind a lot really, spoon discourse Show more

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purchasing shares in national book-lending organisations to own the libs

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when the porn ban comes in there will be undercover MI5 agents on masto making sure no british citizens have faved a picture of hog

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the great thing about a good old double entendre is that everyone can get it

And on the seventh day, god played minecraft

If I wanted to save money on QA, I would simply write programs that did not contain any bugs

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there are two wolves inside of me. they're both begging me to go to sleep but i just laugh and keep watching vine compilations on youtube

VSTS has been depreciated and replaced with a different service. Does it work just the same? Azure hope it does!

this toot has been a coping mechanism for having to install and learn a new CLI tool only two months after the last one

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