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it's very strange that people at my work all assume "you have a lot on your plate" when really I don't

saw a YTP about the inverting a sphere video

i wonder what the instrument with the least number of "virtuosos" is that isn't zero

maybe I should just buy those programmer socks

injecting myself with incredible amounts of vitamin C in an attempt to become more autistic

i knew it wasn't productive but what I didn't realize is that it's highly stimulating

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wish I could special interest in things and then give them up again in two months

wish I was special interested in computers

raccoonatouille has a special place in my heart

I can't play most of it but that's a separate problem

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love to go to the music library at melbourne uni and look through the solo instrument works. it feels like a secret history. all this astoundingly complex music that we will mostly never hear.

hm the scp foundation got taken down by Russian hackers

my main furry reactionary position is that catgirls don't have enough cat in them and set a bad standard

breath attack breath attack breath attack

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