*looking at the role of Akhnaten* I could do that

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time for my yearly look at learning how to be a countertenor

Ossie relayed

this is not a hill I would personally die on but it's good to notice where the conventions are worse

if they put functions on the right like (x)f then you could do ((((x)f)g)h) more intuitively, arguably

thinking i might go back to choirs if they'll let me sing as an alto


@aearo Dragon Burns Down House In Pursuit Of Butter Flavour

dumb work 

at a presentation by my work's vice-chancellor and he's just like "we're losing money and we need to make more money"
wow no shit

i struggle to create art because art is all about the leading of somebody else through an experience you have created and after a lifetime of secret rooms and hidden meanings i just don't know how I would do it in a way that seems meaningful

the problem is unpicking the concepts to identify what I actually do want

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the problem is the intersection between pretty/girly

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