I think "oh I will try a little project again to learn Python", look up a couple of packages that might be relevant to the project, try to install them, they fail for some reason, I stop

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@aearo i do that and it fails to install, or it installs but then has compatibility issues with Python 3, or I just run into a random error that seems unresolved

@aearo like, today I was going to tackle an anagram maker, and looked up as it seems to be a good current dictionary module, and I tried to install it via pip and it just failed (for some reason that pip says is the module's fault).


Possibly it's python 3 only and your "pip" defaults to pip 2? Did you do "pip3 install pydictionary"?

@aearo I only have Python 3. Although I tried this now with the same result.


I just tried it myself, and it worked fine, so the package can't be totally broken.

But "Python 2 vs Python 3" is 100% of my guesses for what your problem might be.

@aearo I suspect it's probably mostly trying to do this on Windows and the address problems that result. It works much nicer on Ubuntu. I just can't put that on my work computer.


Ah, yeah, the few times I've tried to do Python things on Windows, it was an exercise in frustration.

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