i've been thinking about Excel. i think if it was not on every windows computer it would be much less popular but it does seem to offer something important that I don't think is provided anywhere else - the ability to program visually, actually view all the arrays of numbers you are using in the cells, move them about like it's on paper. it doesn't matter that this is a terrible way to program because the power of programming is so great for business problems that even using it badly is sufficient. so if we want to stop Excel and its problems we need something that allows you to see all the numbers, and fudge them if you want.

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@spacefinner the closest thing I can think of that behaves like this is SPSS. However the use case for that is social/biostatistics, whereas Excel is more for the business crowd. Other array languages, such as R and SAS don't really retain the Excel-like spreadsheet quality of SPSS.

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