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migrating to follow me there.

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coming closer to an emotional understanding that i play music to have music around

why even HAVE an electronic piano if I don't do this with it

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embracing madness and playing a C4 drone for the entire day

should definitely save more media to my computer

We're going on a ghost hunt!
We're gonna catch an old one!
We're not scared!

i guess i should migrate my account soon

this doesn't seem to be explained anywhere in the SQL Intro Stuff which makes me feel like either I am missing something obvious or it's quite difficult

okay real question: how do I make an SQL table. I know all the commands for selecting stuff but I don't know how you actually make a database

also the oboe player had to cope with a line obviously meant for strings and was audibly struggling in one of the arias
to them I send my deepest condolences, that's like, a nightmare come to life

went to an opera contest and the young countertenor won and he looks cute so A+

got an offer to study a master's degree next year
that was easy (?)

i'm having doubts in the ability of books to move me anymore any suggestions

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Twitter reply gifs and especially Twitter reaction images that say shit like "don't mind me just stealing the meme above" are the worst shit I've ever seen

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