i think the fundamental problem is that now everything is websites but setting up an actual website is hard

I don't love them as much musically but that's due to the difficulties of notating timbre more than anything. I like free improvisation now and then.

i love these kinds of scores visually. i want them on my wall

I need a Computers for Programmers book. I know what a for loop is. What I don't understand is how to manage my environments

if you have a Python workflow that works effectively I would Love To Hear From You because it would be beneficial to my work I just have no idea how to set it up

i have no idea how the people who don't know about computers do anything with it

I think "oh I will try a little project again to learn Python", look up a couple of packages that might be relevant to the project, try to install them, they fail for some reason, I stop

for all that people seem to use it I'm rarely able to install a package in Python

thinking what I need to do is to start the birdboy movement

found I'd been underpaid but my work had serious payroll issues a little while ago so this got resolved really quickly

i've been thinking about Excel. i think if it was not on every windows computer it would be much less popular but it does seem to offer something important that I don't think is provided anywhere else - the ability to program visually, actually view all the arrays of numbers you are using in the cells, move them about like it's on paper. it doesn't matter that this is a terrible way to program because the power of programming is so great for business problems that even using it badly is sufficient. so if we want to stop Excel and its problems we need something that allows you to see all the numbers, and fudge them if you want.

referring to my cat as "liminal" because he likes to lie in the doorway


discovered kava is now legal here after seeing it in the supermarket and unlike cbd it clearly has a sedative effect

as I get older I decrease in confidence that I would be able to prove my sentience

meep morp sneep snorp let's do the time warp


depression kicking me in the head

it's surprising that more political ads do not try and actively exploit people's love for their pets as this seems to transcend left/right politics

i have a couple of large projects and a couple of important scripts I maintain but I do not have any real deadlines here

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