do you think it's good or bad for me existentially if I commission horny fanart of roko's basilisk

i may never write an SCP but at least this makes my joke about being employed in antimemetics work

we're going back to the office and I am going to work three days in and play clarinet the other two days at home

it's weird wanting to change jobs when i'm also still sort of amazed anybody would give me a decent full time job

@GenderOfTheDay *Corona voice* this is the gender of the night! the night! oh yeah

i've had Renoise for ten years and I've never finished a song

advertising on fetlife for somebody to make animal noises with

Pokemon Strong Nuclear Force and Pokemon Weak Nuclear Force

i like 100 gecs because it's the only youtube comment section where people say "actually this sucks"

it's much easier to be mentally unwell at a desk and still look like you're doing something

i could never be a professional musician because I'm mentally unwell too often though

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