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I unironically believe it is possible to kill yourself and become a presence in the Wired, where something that calls itself God lives.

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anything supported by megacorps is automatically wrong. If a megacorp even slightly suggests support for your cause please take a step back and look at why this may be. Obviously no megacorp is going to go anywhere near something that legitimately threatens capital.

I don't wanna say mastadon has been invaded by feds buuuut
Yeah it hasn't.

Mastadon was fed central from day 1

How have I not been banned yet I guess because I've done literally nothing wrong

*actively goes after non-neurotypical queer people to shut them down with cointelpro*

Anyone who criticisms me is a neurotypical fuck

Being a humanist is like being a fascist but even smaller brained

Imagine it. You wake up and think: this is a good thing

Don't worry guys China is totally building socialism or something

Every single person who says anti civ is transphobic is cis

If you're into civilisation then I'll smoke you in a blunt

I'm not paranoid, I simply know they're watching

I am not endorsing any violence and I never will endorse any violence against those who keep me in chains nothing illegal shall occur nor shall it be encouraged. Nothing.

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