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I speak French, English, a little Italian & Kurdish & Turkish and I followed some Japanese courses but forgot almost everything. I’d really love to travel and discover cultures, languages, peoples. I love liberty (as long as I respect other’s) and I hate taboos and forbidden or prohibited stuff that doesn’t harm others. I’m non binary bi/pan and sort of a soft sjw

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I enjoy video games, reading books, philosophy, comics and art in general, tech-related stuff and informing myself on socio-economic issues (last ones were feminism, sexual liberties and health and gender identification and expression). I LOVE to question myself on what I am, what I do, how I identify myself. Being able to socialize has been one of my biggest fight ‘til now, next to loving myself and fighting for my liberty of being vegetarian (next step being vegan).

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I’m student in Bioengineering in Switzerland. My parents were Kurdish/Armenian migrants but my skin looks like indian's. I had a difficult childhood with my family and other children surrounding me. My dad with whom I had many issues died 3 years ago, I now live in a roommate and my close family consists of my mother and my sister.

I like how this year's Newroz, a celebration about the end of a tyranny against kurdish people in the myth, happens almost exactly at the end of ISIS's tyranny on kurds

So performing machine-learning with the human brain on the gender in society results in being part of the cistem

Les militant.e.s à l'origine du mouvement Black Lives Matter sont assassinés les uns après les autres. Thread et articles édifiants.

If we wanted to compare the solar system to our heterocisnormed-society, Pluto would be the planet-fluid spatial object in love with an almost same-size moon: Charon, and they are turning around each other (and not one around the other like the other planets and moon of our system), always showing each other the same face. They have been recognized very late since they are not very visible and we are just getting their first detailed images and caracteristics in 2015 :D

Au vu de la somme de conneries commises au fil des siècles et encore ajd, ca ferait pas trop de mal à l'occident de se faire remplacer :thaenkin:

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*Peoples giving me very constructive critics well intentioned, well said, well justified
me : *Accept with a happy face while mentally heavily breathing to avoid considering feelings of being hated.


People giving me neutral responses, very neutral, not happy, not sad, just neutral
me : "Am I pissing off everyone ? Am I so annoying to everyone ?"

That's not on masto

I can't sleep. I'm afraid of end of study I will be back home without privacy. I've been used to have at least my own room and when I'm family home I just wish to get back to my place, but I won't have my own place this time. Also I have not a single idea about what/how/where to find a job.
I'm afraid

A quel point le fait de continuer de consommer à outrance tout en sachant vivre dans l'âge d'or de l'humanité en terme de confort de vie ( du moins pour la partie de l'humanité qui en profite) en fermant les yeux sur le fait qu'on perdra a peu près tout le confort qu'on possède à moyen et long terme est une forme de dissonance cognitive ?

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all i wanna do
is see you turn into
a giant woman
a giant woomaaaaan

les gens qui passent par 1000 solutions pour indiquer que leurs toilettes sont pour tout le monde, alors qu'il suffit juste de ne mettre aucune indication x)

oh and there's no fucking difference between having "real" hair or wearing a wig

girls with short hair ❤️
guys with long hair ❤️
anyone with one side very short and the other side very long :blobhearteyes:

To all trans guys: the f on your birth certificate isn't for female, its to pay respects
To all trans women: the m on your birth certificate isn’t for male, it’s for ma'am
To all NB friends: F is for Fabulous and M is for Mambo no. 5

cette musique là et cet oiseau je crois, mais c'est ptetre pas exactement celui la

Je n'arrive pas a retrouver le nom de l'oiseau quifait ce chant au matin qui ressemble a
ouh ooouuuuh ouh
ouh ouh

ou ouuuuhh ouh
ouh ouh

bref, un chant que j'ai l'habitude d'entendre au matin, et ca faisait longtemps que je ne l'avais pas entendu, ca fait du bien de le réentendre ^^

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