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Ce soir, à l'assemblée générale de mon association, les membres choisiront s'iels veulent adopter ma proposition de changement de nos statuts pour une version entièrement inclusive.

J'espère que leur choix sera le bon.

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Actually I'd like to transition out of the human specie.

The problem is that I don't know into what

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I'll do a better toot later, but here is already the framapad to fill if you'd like me to visit you during my road trip in France :)

Hi there everyone, I hope you're enjoying your morning (if it's morning for you)

To any person who would respond me : "accept it" for all my problem.


I'll never give up, never.

There is always hope.

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Vous faites comment pour être des gens si bien ? 🤔

Ces moments ou tu veux pas rien faire mais que tu ne veux rien faire en meme temps

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Well fuck it, I spent 1h trying to make something fun from this homophilic fact with this movie on captiongenerator...

... and it didn't save it.

Too bad, it was really funny... :(