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I speak French, English, a little Italian & Kurdish & Turkish and I followed some Japanese courses but forgot almost everything. I’d really love to travel and discover cultures, languages, peoples. I love liberty (as long as I respect other’s) and I hate taboos and forbidden or prohibited stuff that doesn’t harm others. I’m non binary bi/pan and sort of a soft sjw

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I enjoy video games, reading books, philosophy, comics and art in general, tech-related stuff and informing myself on socio-economic issues (last ones were feminism, sexual liberties and health and gender identification and expression). I LOVE to question myself on what I am, what I do, how I identify myself. Being able to socialize has been one of my biggest fight ‘til now, next to loving myself and fighting for my liberty of being vegetarian (next step being vegan).

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I’m student in Bioengineering in Switzerland. My parents were Kurdish/Armenian migrants but my skin looks like indian's. I had a difficult childhood with my family and other children surrounding me. My dad with whom I had many issues died 3 years ago, I now live in a roommate and my close family consists of my mother and my sister.

j'ai présumé un peu vite pouvoir dormir 3h plus tôt que la veille

I kind of feel bad to rant about racism or other mean people while the only one who are reading me are the nicest 😅

Nooooo I just arrived at the end of the comic.

Have to wait for them one by one now...

omg and one of them take anti-depressants and talk about it in a non negative way ?

this comic becomes better and better honestly...

This whole comic is really talking about trans girls...
magical girls...

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En fait de toute façon si vous voulez vous maquiller lancez vous sans honte ni pression.

Vous verrez bien ce qui vous plait ou pas et vous découvrirez des choses sur vous aussi au passage :)

Ça s'adresse bien sûr à tout le monde peut importe l'assignation et le genre.

I kind of want to make a thread with images of hp from sleepless domain each time she tells or does something I related to, but that would just spoil everything to everyone.

Still though, HP (Or Kokoro 'pour les intimes0), is the best magical girl 💗

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Vous apprendrez que creer certains reactifs en chimie demande une certaine force et endurance physique lorsqu'on doit pousser fortement sur une seringue pour faire passer un melange au travers d'un filtre qui arrete tout ce qui fait plus de 0.22 micrometres

ah ouais mais en fait boulet a 239k abboné.e.s


jaime bien l'agence d'immigration suedoise qui a le droit de te dire qu'elle a pris une decision sur ta demande de visa, mais n'a pas le droitt de te dire quelle est cette decision.

bon, au tel on me confirme que c'est positif, ouf, je vais pas me faire jeter du pays :relieved:

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