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Being restricted to our father’s dreams and silenced from transforming them; refusing to depict present narratives and lives because they conflict with the limitations of narrative tradition; these are public detriments and thus I support any attempt at transforming and telling ourselves

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Making art about online life, making art about trans life, making art about 2010s queerness, it’s all far more important than you would first consider

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That we are in such desperate need of new stories to see ourselves in, and yet we are so forcefully fed pre-Internet intellectual property, is an ongoing public evil we must resist

My biggest mistake in my life was mistaking my difference for flaw, my strengths as deficiencies, my uniqueness as work to be honed off of my body.

Transness isn’t a curse or a flaw. Transness is a teacher that will make you better.

To identify your most disliked aspects, to see it in others and love it, is to love you and integrate you, and in acceptance, add to all beauty. We are a new kind of beauty, and so consistently bright, powerful and divine

I feel like it's difficult to find books on psychological therapy approaches on purpose.

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