"If we don't hold Disney accountable for the lack of anamorphic widescreen in Max Keeble's Big Move, we are no better than criminals"

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@odinsdream I liked it but ended up opting back into default because every other option is imprecise pixel scaling. The default is straight up 2x scaling, so it's easier on the hardware and just straight up looks better. But it's personal taste

@mirzaba @deadsuperhero twine can do anything but also it’s a common internal tool for narrative designers to sketch narrative both on macro and micro levels

@schwa all servers have a list of other servers they ban entirely or silence (opt into contact with a member of that server)

@schwa Nothing. Not the responsibility of the product.

Federally distributed on servers with codes of conduct that are or aren’t with other servers, which dictate who talks to whom. Built to avoid negative communication, no quote posting, etc. Easy to report and silence entire instances or servers on individual level.

Seems strong for well over a year now. App.net didn’t feel like this.

@uglymachine I’m trying to get into that. As my first handle became my name, I’m trying to understand using them

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