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Apple Music: no Linux support. No streaming on any console. Poor playlist curation and suggestions.
Spotify: NO LOCAL MUSIC SUPPORT?! Strange treatment for “music library” being saved albums instead.

I can’t win.

Like. I have like 80 gigs of music, most of which isn’t on streaming services. I need them merged into the streaming library or it’s bust. Ugh.

@sophia google music? I assume you don't want to deal with setting up ampache

@amsomniac GPM is bulky; and just as unsupported outside PCs and mobile ...

@sophia I think google play still lets you do library upload

@sophia google play music lets you upload your library to their streaming service, but then you have to deal with google.

Plex lets you access your library remotely, but it's just your library, nothing else.

Huh. I thought you could load local music in Spotify. I definitely remember having loaded the undertale soundtrack in at one point.

@nika it’s not a locker. I need all my music on all my devices whether I’m on my home wifi or not. Spotify won’t store it.

@sophia Oh, fair. Yeah, that's really annoying. I've been using spotify because it works on linux but I'd probably switch if there was an option which supported that.