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I didn’t really know how to play a female city elf chara after that intro besides playing her as someone who wanted to die, but the game wouldn’t let her

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And I mean. Literally everybody wants you to know you’re beneath them. It’s universal. Do other characters get this?

@sophia not to the same degree I don't think, and I recall Bioware people making A Thing in interviews of how the elves in Dragon Age are ~a metaphor for racism~ just in case someone didn't get it

@sophia I've not read the piece yet mind you, but at the time it felt a little eye-rolly to me because I got the impression they were trying very hard to get across the point that it's a Mature game for Mature Gamers etc

(I did play as the female city elf but it's been a few years and I remember very little of the game other than Dwarves saying "sodding" with pronounced American accents feeling extremely out of place)

@sophia reading the piece now, yeah, jesus, I had forgotten most of this.

it's been a while since I've played, but not that I recall. I was a wood elf or whatever, so I still got some of the elf/women stuff but it didn't feel as bad. iirc dwarves are also treated kinda bad but since they're more sovereign the humies are a little more friendly

@sophia If I recall, the Dwarf Commoner origin is a little rough, because your character is Casteless and they're basically seen as not worth living. I don't think it's nearly as laden with that kind of bullshit as the city elf origin

@sophia I remember the first thing friends told me was NOT to start with her. I went back years later so I could see what happened but they told me it was fucked up and it would be too painful and an awful way to start play. It’s...still a lot years later, tbh. For all the Shep traumas in Mass Effect (my Bioware of choice) there’s just nothing like it