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2018: The revolution will not be centralized

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@sophia (On the political end of things, decentralization is already quite popular amongst successful political movements, resistances and even insurgencies...)

@sophia corallary: the revolution will probably need a routing protocol


1911: The #revolution will not be centralized. (The revolution that overthrew the Qing dynasty, and the entire imperial system, in #China, was decentralized. Individual provinces seceded one by one, over a relatively short period of time. When authorities in #Sichuan tried to cut off telegraph (viz.: Internet) connections to the outside world, people put messages on wooden toy boats and floated them down a river to announce their actions.)

For more on this, see... (cont'd)...


(2/2).. see ZHENG Xiaowei, "The Politics of Rights and the 1911 Revolution in China," to be published in Jan. 2018 by Stanford University Press.

@sophia Which is true not only for political revolution, but also for technological revolutions like renewable energy, currency etc, or socio-economical revolutions like the move towards cooperatives. Revolution has to come from the people, not from big organizations.

@sophia Just for the people that might not catch the reference

Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Full Band Version) youtube.com/watch?v=qGaoXAwl9k