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If there’s anything I’ve learned from research for my games it’s that the clumsy naïveté of early internet replicates itself from scratch with each advancement. BBS, Usenet, Geocities, Livejournal, Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon.

It resembles every new user who wants to toot, without a sense of self-conscious performance. It’s a standoffish thought to self projected outward like a challenge.

I can sense it every time I’m on here, too. I don’t toot like I tweet. I think out loud, I ask open questions, I dialogue. I feel less like I broadcast. I hope it perseveres.

I think this, too, is a challenge — If you love broadcasting, if you’ve become accustomed to the challenge of brevity, used to the cynicism, used to hating your masters, used to despair, you will see the toot like a joke.

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I think the challenge is taking people used to centralized models, used to dystopia, used to outrage and revolt and irony, and placing them in something almost revoltingly sincere. It’s so difficult. They get used to the only fleeting release from despair being attention.

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I’m not trying to subtoot, I’ve just tried migrating people for over a year now and it just ... seems to be like this.

@sophia I think I bounced the first time I came to masto because I didn't know how to interact as a social media platform as more than a lurker.

Seeing people interact in this more casual way that masto encourages has meant that I feel like I can actually participate, which is nice.

@nika Well, that and how twitter encourages short messages. I've always found twitter best for news and updates. I love how Mastodon can support long messages.

@sophia I was talking to another Mastodon user about very similar things... Hand wringing and complaining when an option to change exists makes me crazy, but for so many it seems to be a zone of comfort.

@sophia It's either that or screaming impotently at your monitor because the despair doesn't come with any useful advice to correct the situation. People on Twitter are in hysterics over the CDC being limited in what it can discuss. Their solution? Huddle in a corner and wait for death, evidently. What else can do you when no viable solution presents itself?

@sophia If you can't deal with the oncoming threat, you either scream in frustration or laugh as the meteor comes to snuff you out. It's how US politics feel right now... hopeless and ultimately destructive.

This makes me remember a thing I've been thinking about forever: it seems like we can't enjoy anything on our own anymore... from playing video games to doing arts and crafts, if you're not making a performance out of it you're wasting valuable Brand Building (TM) time.