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I think “follow me on the fediverse” is better wording than “on Mastodon”? We are but one software that federates with others and it makes us sound centralized and hollow. The biggest thing that hyped me about masto was decentralization and the fediverse highlights that.

@sophia "Chatting across the 'verse" sounds way cooler too (but that could be because I love science fiction).

@sophia I've been saying both -- "Mastodon/the Fediverse", usually. Mastodon, to specifically express the culture around me and that I'd like to encorage/emulate (that people might have heard of from the media about it), and The Fediverse to give people a hook to realizing that actually, it's a big network and very flexible.

@sophia (But like also I talks too much probably. so.)

@sophia @jaycie

It's why I'd like to see more activitypub implementations

@sophia find me somewhere in the vast expanse of the fediverse, if you dare

@sophia @bob I think I agree theoretically, but it means that users have to know how to map from "fediverse" to a site to find you on... or understand why "fediverse" links to Mastodon?

user messaging is hard on this.

@sophia but "fediverse" has such terrible mouthfeel. I could never say it. :psyduck:

@sophia hopefully, one day we can just say 'follow me online' and it'll be understood that you can use any of the federated platforms. Users shouldn't even have to know about federation. Just, 'I know I can talk to you from here'

@zack @sophia already we do not say "I am on EE/BT Mobile network" but instead "my number is +44 7700 900929" (not *my* actual number, it is UK equivalent of a "555" number for TV/movies) and everyone with a telephone in most parts of the world could call/text it.

Ofc a lot of money changed hands and politics was involved for that to happen; but the "old skool" telephone network is an example of an existing/*working* federated network even if non free/still under state control in some areas!

@vfrmedia @zack @sophia This is exactly the comparison I use when I talk about federation, or how you can send e-mail to anyone from any e-mail service. I thought I'd said eexactly what @Zack says about "follow me on the internet" in my blogpost about federation, but I can't find it. Anyway, you all might find it interesting: blogg.forteller.net/2011/think

@sophia Definitely! You sound like you would enjoy my post about the importance of federation of social media (if I can be so bold 🙂 ) blogg.forteller.net/2011/think

@sophia woah, definitely!
Fediverse sounds fun, and versey
Fed also sounds full
And official