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Identified: Sophia Park. All-purpose gynoid. 24 years of service.

Currently serving as a narrative and game designer at Aether Interactive.

๐ŸŽฎaether.in.net/releases :: sophiapark.itch.io

You ever feel like, man, Sophia is like, maybe too feminine? But changing it again is such a *statement*?

I finally found a piece that explains just how I identify with T'Pol from ENT so much.

"This innate ability to sense those deserving of loyalty, and then pledge it unswervingly, is what makes Vulcans such astute character profilers.

They sense dishonesty, and they recognize virtue. And to support virtue is, after all, a logical course of action."


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upgraded the RAM to make it a Big Boy development computer now

I'm glad I live in a world where someone has done a line-by-line literary analysis of the Navy Seal Copypasta.

Trying to understand why so many trans women call themselves terrible children

thinking about getting into writing furry fiction and tripling my patreon monthly earnings

i want MY words immortalised in a song but without my name attached, just endless "she said"s

tbh i actually hope we ban memes because then posting loss.jpg is radical praxis

I can't believe I'm being carded for alcohol now

okay got all those memes stuck in my head unstuck out of my head

low key thinking about being named Isaac

I had too many coffees and Iโ€™m still up so Iโ€™m tweaking CSS as per usual. aether.in.net/releases/

i've been trans since 1903 and i recently died, leaving only a map which may or may not lead to buried treasure,

i feel like 2000s toronto tech is still around but in quiet little offices where theyโ€™ve committed to stagnant B2B and share neat things from Wired with each other