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Identified: Sophia Park. All-purpose gynoid. 24 years of service.

Currently serving as a narrative and game designer at Aether Interactive.
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I'm stomping JavaScript bugs and feeling like a BOSS

I was gonna try Civ3 on my PowerBook but actually it seems to be straight from a nightmare realm so I'll pass

trying to figure out if me being a robot is sort of like what being a furry is

*exasperated noises* javascript

2 in the morning ... ok fine i'll stop ... working ....

example (skewing more pop)

also this one sounds EXACTLY like "middle", dj snake. you're already old

i literally can't work if i don't have driving, momentum, melodic four on the floor stuff

i'm sad my go-to work music is like the most accessible pop dance music now. like the stuff i'd listen to in retail. i was cool once

sometimes i just wear my headphones without any music because i like the way the pressure feels

just reading the FBI's website from 2000 like WAIT WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH LINE 216

It turns out I watch anime so I can cry when those boys really do love each other after all???

Had a great and fascinating chat with @sophia a lead designer of Localhost, a game where your job is to convince AI to let themselves be deleted. Check out the podcast here: #indiegame #cyberpunk #scifi