I know It's an old take but it's legitimately hilarious how some people freak out about BIPOC being front-and-center characters in movies

"Waiter! There's a Black woman in my fandom! My experience is ruined."

@somarasu a.k.a. why I'm not in fandom anymore, fragile whites made it a fantastically toxic experience

@ljwrites as someone who's been biblically deep in certain fandoms for quite a while, this "why aren't my protags white reeeee" movement is insane to me

@somarasu And when it's an established franchise that white fans can't quietly ignore like they usually do with Black protagonists, the batshit that gets released omgggg

@somarasu @ljwrites also "but this is historically incorrect!" (when first: you don't know history; second: even if it was, why do you care; and third: this is fiction but somehow you're not complaining about the remaining 90% that are completely made up like dragons or whatever)

@somarasu Did you check out "Nope" by Peele? I am usually not into horror movies, but this one was soothing my soul.

@carl I haven't (I'm pretty bad at watching things), but I do like Peele's work so I may give it a watch

@somarasu It bothers me when they freak out about it positively too. Like "Look! A minority! Isn't that so wonderful and unusual? Thank goodness we included them! Who cares about their actual role or personality, but their kind is being represented! Let's wave them around like a flag! We're so woke!"

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