How's your Saturday evening, lovelies?

@somarasu Gonna get ready for bed actually but the day was pretty alright

@pantransautie it's going great! It's cooled off so i can open my window instead of running the AC.

I cleaned my room up a bit, now I'm gonna take a shower

@somarasu Out at karaoke with two friends and a bunch of new people I'm tryna make friends 🤙

Aaaaaaand they'll either call my song, or I'll close out and sang at home 😅

@thraeryn Badass! I hope they play your song so you can get up there and kill it 🤘🏿

Even if they dont, hope you have (and are having) an awesome time :D

@somarasu I was changing a notebook fan. Old fan was making damp clickety noise (very loud). New fan (well.. as new as you get it for a 5yo ultrabook..) made high-pitched whirring noise. More silent but also very unnerving. Took the old fan apart and took some thin copper wire that unattached itself out of the turning part and put the old fan back in. Now it's turning normally and silently (triple checked that it really is turning - no idea how when the the magnet wires are broken)

@Charlie awesome! Glad you were able to fix the problem 😀

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