Explaining 'racism' to White people is like trying to say you've seen a ghost.

They wont believe you, full-stop.

You've got the proof. "Ehh, you're seeing things".

"This happened!!", you exclaim

You get nothing but "yeah, well, prove it".

How do I prove anti-Blackness to an anti-Black world?

@somarasu and then when they finally see it themselves they go "omg since when was there racism!!!"

alt-caps; mad 

@rabbithearth they DONT ''''sEe it tHeMsElvEs"


alt-caps; mad 

@rabbithearth I'm sorry for the insult, im just biblically pissed atm

alt-caps; mad 

@somarasu it's very okay to be mad!!!

i literally just quit a board over someone doing this

@somarasu I believe it exists just white people barely experience this. I guess being discriminated against they could relate a little like being born a nationality or having a disability.

@somarasu as a white person who was told I was disabled and was discriminated against because mostly everything makes me me I can relate to black people but only a little but I can understand they get treated unfairly. I guess the similar problems if not worse than I do.
Also it's fine

you're good 💖

what you said definitely relates to my OP

s'all love <3

@somarasu this is like Morpheus explaining the Matrix:

"The Racism is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes."

(except he then this black man makes a slavery comparison to/for the white protagonist, and that's where that parallels to reality fall apart.)

@meena This is really fucking good.

Like, zero sarcasm.

This is really fucking good

@somarasu i was able to quote that movie line by line.
is it any wonder i turned out trans?

@meena @somarasu

It’s funny how when you talk to white cis hetero people, they really think the movie is about machines enslaving humans.

@Vyen @somarasu i actually laughed out loud

then i remembered reddit
and crypto bros
and billionaires worrying about Roko's Basilisk
rather than a revolution of zombies, resurrectd from the mountains of dead people they throne on

@somarasu I don't know exactly, but having comrades that are assigning everything to "racism" hurt your message A LOT.

If I don't like a person, it is not because of race, but if they are Black there will be some "progressive" screaming "Racist" towards me. Goes the same for the whole spectrum of "minorities".

"racist" have become to mean "I am a progressive and I don't like you.", and I simply shrug my shoulders, ignore it and move on.

And that cacophony drowns out the legit problems. Sad.

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