@somarasu It's alright! It's 3.30pm here, I'm sitting at my computer hammering out bugs and shit, helping someone else implement their AP server. I ate a brownie, I drank coffee, and now I kinda need to pee! How about yours? :)

@dumpsterqueer That's dope :) A cup of coffee sounds great right now (all the time, really)
My day's starting off well. I have to work but it's all good. Gonna try to get to the store to buy some groceries today

@somarasu hell yeah groceries, good luck! I need to do that too but I'm gonna try and sneak there tomorrow morning instead 👀

@somarasu oh, okay. Bit stressed about work but it's manageable, kid's out like a light and it's a peaceful night :blobuwu:

@ljwrites That's good to hear that it's a peaceful night. Hope it leads to a more peaceful day tomorrow. :)

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