Full disclosure: I've disliked Stallman long before his resignation, and not necessarily for anything he's specifically said.

He always struck me as an insufferable douche willing to die on meaningless hills. A pontificating ass.

@somarasu @mwlucas actually, "open source" is not to be confused with "free software" because the two are entirely different philosophies and open source is but one component of free *is yeeted into space*

@ljwrites @mwlucas DGMW: I love pointless categorization of things that, on the surface, look the same.

But it's a shit way to do 'advocacy'.

@somarasu @ljwrites

It's a dandy discussion over a drink.

It's a horrid discussion online.

@ljwrites @somarasu

"Damn, I thought I'd yeeted all these bastards already--ah, you got me, you bastard!" :flan_rage::flan_XD:

@kirschner What is the offical stance of the German #fsfe branch to that statement?

@carl @somarasu Which statement do you mean? (Beside that there is no "German FSFE branch". Maybe fsfe.org/about/transparency-co + fsfe.org/about/fsfnetwork.html help about the organisation itself)

@kirschner @somarasu What I would like to know is, which specific measures do you take to diminuish sexism and other forms of discrimination within the #fsfe. Because *-isms do not go with the self-proclaimed aspirations of the #fsfe.

@carl @somarasu One central part here is the work of our CARE team: fsfe.org/about/codeofconduct.e

We implemented other measures over the years based on recommendation of external consultants and internal discussions, but they are not aggregated in one public document.

@somarasu yeah, a lot of people have been coming out with this since recent events, saying that even aside from the abuse and misogyny (which are more than reason enough for any movement to ditch him), Stallman has set free software back and demoralized/alienated countless people who truly believe in it by being a bully who refused to be reasoned with on his often very wrongheaded positions.

@carl @GeorgLehmann

Das sieht aus, als wolltest Du noch ein Link oder so dranhängen, kann das sein?

...ich wollt auch noch mal was schreiben, aber nicht zwischen Tür und Angel, weil ich mich sonst wieder im Ton vergreife.

@ljwrites That's what tends to happen when you have one guy as the face of not just an organization, but as a concept as a whole (you say 'free software/open source', people are probably gonna think 'stallman').

@somarasu the other day I came across the term "founder's syndrome" (in the context of sexual harassment and sexism in the vegan movement) and it just fits so perfectly in this case, too.

@ljwrites @somarasu phew

so glad that when we co-founded voxpupuli we did so with an exit strategy for the founders

none of us are in leadership positions any more
most of us have moved on with life and/or technology.

@meena @somarasu Yup. A movement that truly can't do without its founder is, even if we accept that excuse (a lie, really) on its face, a failed movement that will literally die with its founder. If true, it would mean the founder has failed to create or even actively destroyed a strong basis for the movement to continue without them.

@ljwrites @somarasu most of all: FSF staff.

you know, the believers.

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