The "HR department" at work told me that people were complaining about my "fuck white power" coffee mug

So, y'know, fuck an HR department

What's funny is that I rarely carried it around the office *strictly because* i knew people would bitch about it; for a while it served as my pen and loose change cup.

So someone must have seen it on my desk, didnt say anything to ME, then went to one of the women in HR, and then i come to work one day to see it not on my desk.

Such is life in the stale, passive-aggressive world of the cubicle 🙄

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@danhunsaker But ive written "fuck" on so many landing pages!

Maybe *that's* why i got fired...

@somarasu Yup. Totally that. Certainly nothing else. Couldn't be. Nope.

@somarasu Start bringing in a mug with even stronger explicit anti-racist sentiments that will be harder for them to complain at you for, like "burn the kkk"

@Anarkat I dunno if i'd classify that as "stronger".

I mean 'fuck white power" is pretty good as far as the synthesis of 'powerful' and 'to the point'

@somarasu I'd be reeeeeally interested in the reasoning behind the complaint. What could be wrong with "Fuck white Power"? Who would not support "Fuck white Power" whole-heartedly?

@carl A bit of a theory i have is that maybe it could have been interpreted as 'fuck white people', if read incorrectly.

@somarasu Most likely. But, this is not on the mug! So a simple question "What is your problem with 'Fuck white _power_'? Are you in favor of the white power movement?" will play the ball back in their field (the _ are for the emphasis while speaking).

@somarasu I forgot you need to ask the question smiling and totally calm! Use smiles as a weapon! _They_ will have to justify why they are aggressive all of a sudden. Put them in the "angry white people" spot!

@somarasu this is why I bring all my shit in my backpack and take it **all** home every day

Can't trust these fuckers, especially when the HR department says "gender and/or race aren't the source of your harassment" despite the fact that it's targeted harassment

@somarasu Ask HR if the company then favours accommodating White Power.

cc; your attorney and #SPLC.

@dredmorbius i was let go a year and a half ago for unrelated (yet totally bs) reasons.

apparently they "cant afford" someone like me

@dredmorbius Like I said it's a lil late. I just chalk it up to "white people gonna be white".

I'll just try to side-step it next time i find myself in a cubicle

@somarasu There are white people who find your former gig's HR response, and the original complaint, utterly abhorrent.

You're talking to one.

Behaviours can be deeply ingrained, in individuals. In cultures even.

But they're not tied intrinsically to skin colour.

Fighting, and resisting, and countering, these beliefs, and seeking and encouraging allies, can and does succeed.

There's a place for both nonviolent/respectful resistance, and, where that fails, combative and violent resistance.

@somarasu I totally get thinking "it's all of 'em‘, but really, it ain't.

And I also get not wanting to fight every fight yourself. SPLC are a great asset here as they'll record and investigate even without your further involvement (I've reported incidents to them in the past myself).

But do what you need for your own peace first.

@somarasu Thanks for that, appreciated.

The ones it is sure can be annoying fucks though.

@dredmorbius People usually dont clarify this point but i usually feel the need to do so.

When I -- or a lot of other people talk about 'white people', we're not talking about every single WASP in the nest. I definitely dont lump in allies, my friends, and fine folks like you, into the same group of people who clutch their pearls whenever they see a coffee mug they dont like.

@Truck This was an old story that happened back when i *was* living in a cubicle about 2-3 years ago

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