my typical 'applying for jobs' email 

If you asked me seven years ago whether or not you oughta send something like this, I woulda popped a monocle.

My emails used to be so fuckin' wishy-washy and "golly jee, sir, im a great workin' boy". Digital tap-dancing, if you will.

Now im just kinda like "dude just gimmie the job. I know im not white but who gives a shit, really?"

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Being black already drops your chances of getting a job in tech *significantly* close to zero no matter how qualified or ""well-behaved"" you are to some assholes who probably arent even gonna be signing your checks in the first place.

So, whatever: dont be afraid of showing a little bad behavior. Show em that you're not some 'safe n-word' who's gonna work for headpats and doesnt mind getting treated worse or paid a fraction of what their less-dedicated colleagues get paid.

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As far as advice for white tech job seekers: i dunno, just live long enough, and dont say anything objectively stupid during the interview rounds. You'll be okay.

In fact, you can do only half of those things, and you'll still probably be fine; i dunno *how* many fuckin' times ive heard of -- and worked with -- unqualified white candidates where it's literally "well, we'll give them a chance to prove themselves" of "we'll gonna bet on this person".

The funny thing -- or infuriating, depending on how much this kinda thing affects you -- is that this is typically irrespective of the size of the company.

I have been 'not the right fit' at companies that are six people, and ive been 'not the right fit' at companies with over 1000 people in the building, and a fuckin' dress code for their interview process.

And literally every size in-between.

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@somarasu probably don’t write and circulate manifestos about how genetically inferior women are at programming or sue the company for being unfair to you after they sack you.

i mean, this might all seem obvious but it’s apparently reaaaallly hard not to.

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