Check out this cool page about (the few) black people in computer science

Given how many badass black folks there were in comp sci it really doesnt make much sense why there's only one movie like "Hidden Figures"

Which if you havent seen, wtf are you doing talking to me go see it

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Seriously pause season 19 of "Forlorn White People in Medieval Times" and go watch "Hidden Figures"

It's like 2 hours you got time

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It's super dope that a good amount of folks on this list are African.

That's rad as shit.

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@TheGibson 96% on RT for those who need majority- white consensus on what's good or not 😉


Fantastic film, one of my faves.

Saw it in the theater. The crowd was half chubby white male nerd and half black women done up for church. Yet everybody gasped, cheered, and sighed together.

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