It annoys the shit out of me that industries, companies and clubs can be all-white *just through happenstance*

You never see people like "whoops, my entire devops team is all black! how'd that happen :thaenking:"

I know exactly HOW it happens so i'd save the apologist reply (if you're crafting one)

It's just annoying.

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@somarasu "company X has a diversity problem"

never discussed: how it got there to begin with or considering the conditions that created it

always discussed: trying to fix the problem in the same vein as shutting the barn door after the horse has ran six states away and then praising the ones who are trying to close the barn door, who so happened to be the ones to open it to begin with...

@Elizafox This segues nicely into why i hate it when people tell black people to stop complaining about things that happened "hundreds of years ago".

I would absolutely love to, IF, they didnt have ramifications to this day.

@Elizafox I had a conversation just like this on the fedi before: I said that the fact that blacks were outlawed to read and given piss-poor school accommodations for *YEARS* (fucking BvBoE wasnt that long ago in the grand scheme) has had ripple effects on black student achievement to this very day.

And y'know what i got hit with?

"I mean, it was so LoNg AgO, so i mean, it couldnt have *tHaT* much of an effect, right?"

I almost burst into flames right there.

@Elizafox But hey, im no scientist; probably b/c i was told to get good at sports when i was in school!

@somarasu ... school segregation didn't end until after my mother was born

just for some perspective here, it was not very long ago at all

@Elizafox school segregation ended less than 10 years before the Vietnam War started.

@Elizafox Nah but that's too long ago to be culpable for shit, in the eyes of white people

@Elizafox What is the statue of limitations on white supremacy? :thaenkin:

@somarasu well we still have /statues/ of Confederate generals up so apparently the limitation on /that/ has a lower bound 155 years

statute of limitations on white supremacy tho... y'know the question of outlawing white supremacy always comes up and most people say we shouldn't outlaw it in the name of "freedom of speech" and that's kinda telling

yet silence when, say, we talk about banning Nazi rallies

@somarasu Someone on FB told me the other day "if we ban the KKK it's a slippery slope to banning socialist orgs" and I'm like yeah if white folks hadn't greased the slide with Crisco this wouldn't be an issue or up for debate

@Elizafox Well i think that's part of the problem (if not the crux): you can ban white supremacy without limiting freedom of speech.

@somarasu @Elizafox school segregation ended, uhhhhh, *tries to count the number of Black students at my high school on my fingers*

school segregation ended?

@it_wasnt_arson @somarasu This was actually a lot more recent than you think too. I think they did this a couple years back.

@Elizafox @it_wasnt_arson To be fair, they could have been railroaded out of your school.

@somarasu @Elizafox Oh, the town and district were white as fuck, but the end result is the same.

@somarasu @Elizafox (The number, as far as I can remember, was one. The school had about 2,000 students.)

@it_wasnt_arson @Elizafox The thing is is they implemented policies to make up for the fact that schools were forced to integrate.

Schools are WAY quicker to suspend and expel black students for the same infractions that white students commit. Especially fighting. And my theory on that is the prevailing "blacks are more violent!1!" argument, where they feel black students will deal more damage to little Billy's face than his white compatriots, so we oughta get the black student oughta here. Besides, his grades suck anyway, so the school board wont think twice. Especially because we've got standardized testing coming along, and we *better* get out funding numbers up.

@it_wasnt_arson @Elizafox Ive seen this in action -- and have been the victim of it, myself -- many times.

The black student experience is LIGHTYEARS different than the white student experience. From pre-k to grad school. And it's all designed that way.

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