There were days at work where i wanted to scream "I dunno if you're not listening to me b/c im black, or b/c you think im stupid".

I mean, I'd respect the latter, although I wouldn't get it, b/c my track record for being accurate about things isnt too shitty.

One thing I notice is that this behavior was the most prevalent in groups.

If Im talking one-on-one with a colleague, it's fine, never had an issue.

When it's, say, three of us (2 white colleagues + me), I notice it becomes a bit harder to get a [constructive] word in edgewise

When it's about four us (3 white colleagues + me) or more, I'm all but ignored and may as well pack up my input and go home.

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And that's partially what's so annoying about being the only black/brown person on a team: the less of us there are, the easier we are to ignore, even inadvertently (b/c at the end of the day, I don't think it was *TOTALLY* on purpose. At least that's what *I* like to believe)

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White folks: try looking for this behavior if you find yourself on a team with a small percentage of black or brown folk.

If y'all are in a meeting and you find yourself thinking "man, so-and-so's been really quiet", that COULD be you slipping into "only listening to whites" mode.

@somarasu Bold of you to assume they'll even wonder 😒 but yeah, completely agreed.

@lj_writes There *are* white folks out there trying their best to not be shitty, i just figured i'd help out a bit

@somarasu Yeah I'm just bitter sometimes XD but it's better to be constructive than bitter

@lj_writes Oh i totally get it xD
Im bitter more often than not but every now and again you gotta do your bit. If not just for the folks out there who get it and *wanna* do better.

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