I'd like to solicit advice from my fellow black and brown folks who've decided to do their own thing, whether freelancing or making or anything like that:
- How'd you start marketing yourselves?

- Did you ever feel that impostor syndrome of like "im not good enough for people to pay for my work"?

- How do you prevent white people (or any kinda client or buyer) fucking you over? How do you *react* to it?

Any and all advice is great, I'm but a doe in these new woods.

(Advice from *anyone* is welcome, but advice from folks who I kinda share a perspective with would be best)

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@somarasu In that case:

1) IMHO, all creators who are worthwhile human beings experience impostor syndrome. I'm told it goes away about, oh, book 200.

2) Prevent fuckovers with *written* *signed* contracts. They don't have to be complicated. They do have to be carefully written. Scrape up the cash to have a lawyer write a basic cookie-cutter contract for what you do. The mere act of signing the contract changes how folks approach fucking you over.


3) I suck at self-promotion. Do anything except what I do. :flan_XD:

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