If you're a white vegan with the audacity to yell at strangers about their dietary habits, you have implicitly given me carte blance to scream in your face about colonialism and all of the terrible horrible no good very bad things white people do. And have done.

Fair trade, if you ask me.

Also white supremacy has done more to fuck this planet than sirloin so...perhaps get a fucking grip?

I will say this tho: it does take some passion to be able to step to folks the way some vegans do, so dont let anyone tell you white folks have no backbone :P

It's just, y'know, you gotta use it for those more critical issue.

@SallyStrange This make me think about something i've said before: you deal with white supremacy, you knock out like 50 intersecting problems.

However, it's easier to convince people to stop eating hamburgers than it is to convince them to not be racist. So i understand it's a 'war of multiple fronts'.

But sometimes i cant help but wonder if some white folks *intentionally* pick the smallest molehills to die on.

@somarasu @SallyStrange Honestly, we hyperfocus on the molehills because we are frequently ignorant of the mountains and moreover actively benefit from the mountains being there (knowingly or otherwise, and probably a lot more knowingly than a LOT of people are ever going to admit) but still want to look like we're helping.

Molehills don't scare us as much, so it's much comfier to believe they're the pressing dilemmas.

@somarasu my concepts of vegans and race begins and ends with PETA comparing animals in captivity to the way black slaves in america were treated which only makes this post stand out more


I love it when the universe just kinda...validates what im thinking 😂

Pol, veganism & colonialism 

@somarasu you don't ever need a reason or permission to yell at white people about colonialism and all the other shit we've done and continue to do

@marie_joseph I dont like to do it unless i have a really good reason :P

Other than that i stick to catty comments and tough love.

I have to admit, I thought it was a bit exagerated... but come to think of it

Too much transportation ? Well it comes from the fact that non-white countries are weaker (because of us) and hence pay less and are cheaper. Making their product cheaper to buy and transport than making them here.

Capitalism ?
A white people way of thinking they imposed everywhere and is destroying our viability on this planer

But still, modern & industrial agriculture is a nightmare. Just, no the only issue
I'd argue one can be vegan and anti-racist

@somarasu Would you be okay with me sharing this on Facebook?

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