asking for help; potential + 

So, unfortunately, it's about that time that ive gotta pass the hat around: do you think you can spare a buck or two so I can eat for the next couple days?$somarasu

Hopefully, if all goes well this time next week, I'll be in a *much* better spot. But until then, if anyone could help me out, i'd be eternally grateful <3

re: asking for help; potential + 


There's hope on the job front?


re: asking for help; potential + 

@mwlucas yeep

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re: asking for help; potential + 

@somarasu woo hoo!

(Have the tab open, but spent an hour at the dojo in 90F heat and 100% humidity and the phone is on the other side of the room. Will throw you some cash tomorrow, when I can once again walk.

PS: Are abs supposed to feel like angry rubber?)

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