I say this as a design dude that became a developer because I got tired of developer's telling me what could and couldn't be done.

In my career, I can honestly say 90% of devs make shit overly complicated so they can impress other devs.

It's the 21st century, homie. Things should be getting _easier_ to use, not harder.

True there is something to be said about learning about programming to help bridge that gap, but as devs, we gotta meet them more than halfway.

Because we know how.


@Are0h Also: i thought the whole "doing the impossible" was what gave developers of yesteryear a giant hard-on.

Or is it only impossible for US?

@somarasu On the real, I think that was pushed by dudes to push women out of it.

The attachment men especially have in the tech game to creating indecipherable code is absurd. While I will admit the barrier to entry has been lowered over the years, it's still a fist fight to get developers to put a priority on simplicity rather than purposefully building in complexity as a show of 'superior' skill.

It just should be easier.

Im 900,000% on-board with that theory, bro. Im glad we're on the same wavelength 😄

@Are0h @somarasu [suddenly ten years of ranting this exact thing alone at my computer screen are validated XD ]


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