I actually think this mix is pretty damn sweet. To me Combichrist's stuff is pretty...hit or miss (to put it lightly).

@skolli @somarasu I think it's probably been like....... 16 years since I've listened to them maybe more but that stuck with me

@bea @skolli I absolutely love 'Megalomaniacal', but Symbols isnt really my go-to album for KMFDM listening, admittedly.

Hau Ruck i think is my favorite album strictly because it was my first taste of the ultra heavy beat.

@somarasu @bea my favorites were a tossup between angst/nihil/adios back when i really got into them; hau ruck is extremely a hell of a good one too (mini mini mini nearly destroyed a pair of cheap headphones i had when it came on shuffle lmao)

@skolli @bea omfg that practically mirrors my first experience with the album 😂
Angst would definitely be one of my 'desert island disks' (particularly because of Light, which is a go-to weightlifting song for me).
Im not a huge fan of Nihil but to be honest, i havent heard too much of it. I just listen to Juke-Joint Jezebel on repeat and just never get to the rest of the tracks. Which kinda sucks because Kapt'n K says he doesnt like that song.

@somarasu @skolli this thread is making me smile and I might have to track some of these albums down now

@somarasu @bea yeahhh i figured he'd hate it considering that track was basically the reason kmfdm got "popular" briefly (fuck mtv indeed)

@skolli @bea That and the cinematic masterpiece that is Mortal Kombat: the Movie

@somarasu @skolli the only other thing that sticks out in my memory is Light I think? I did listen to a whole bunch but I mostly can't remember that period of my life so I'm not surprised there isn't more

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