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Look at me out here not looking like trash tonight :blobuwu: (selfie; eye contact)

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Me: "Yo! I was reading up on $tech last weekend, we can totally use it in the codebase and it'll be sweet"

Everyone: *crickets*

*months later*

Cunt Exec: So what's this i hear about $tech?

Buddy (white guy #1): Yeah you should talk to Soma about it, i think he knows the most about it out of all of us.

Cunt Exec: *looks at me* ... white guy #2, can you look into this?

Me: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun:

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Hey folx! It's time!

My name is Soma, your friendly black neighborhood demiman. They/them pronouns, but he/him is no biggie. Im a cyclist, a front-end developer, an ancom, and just an all-around pain in the ass to white people everywhere (well, most anyway).

asking for help 

This sounds a lot saltier than i mean it to be; i *am* totally grateful

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I appreciate all of my friends putting me in touch with their favorite recruiters who inevitably ghost me after like a month 👌🏿

i bet the impromptu fediverse meetups that happen at furry conventions are super lit

I dont remember installing Apache.

Does Lubuntu 'conveniently' include it for me?

b/c i dont remember it mentioning that during install

my praxis: walking around singing "EMMMMBEEEERRRRRRR! YOU WILL REMEMBERRRRRRR!"

or you dont know what it means, which i find hard to believe if *you're* the one doing the interviewing

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If someone drops 'mechanical sympathy' during the interview and you dont hire them then you dont like black folk, str8 up

But then maybe not.

I'm not sure how white people judge other white people but im pretty sure it's with less scrutiny than with me, so.

Maybe i just have too high of standards

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Actually there will be speaking since you'll be doing the on-site. That's gonna make picking a double a bit harder.

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Know what'd be fun?

If I had a white double that i can send in when I have to on-site interviews.

I'll do all the hard stuff like prove my skills and be personable; you just walk in, show off your white skin, shut the fuck up and dont ruin everything.

Then i'll split my salary with you 90/10

I'm the kid at the library checking out the same occult book(s) from the library every 2 weeks

But then again how many black folk do they have in their networks, y'know? I wouldnt wanna taint em.

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So not only do i get a hot "no" from Dynata after a four-hour interview, but i dont even get a LinkedIn follow-back from my interviewers.

That's dickish if you ask me.

I guess the trick is that you have to get *yourself* over.

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