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In the 4-5ish years ive been on the fediverse i dont think ive ever made my DMs availability known

They're always open, just in case you were wondering

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Look at me out here not looking like trash tonight :blobuwu: (selfie; eye contact)

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Me: "Yo! I was reading up on $tech last weekend, we can totally use it in the codebase and it'll be sweet"

Everyone: *crickets*

*months later*

Cunt Exec: So what's this i hear about $tech?

Buddy (white guy #1): Yeah you should talk to Soma about it, i think he knows the most about it out of all of us.

Cunt Exec: *looks at me* ... white guy #2, can you look into this?

Me: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun:

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Hey folx! It's time!

My name is Soma, your friendly black neighborhood demiman. They/them pronouns, but he/him is no biggie. Im a cyclist, a front-end developer, an ancom, and just an all-around pain in the ass to white people everywhere (well, most anyway).

Juneteenth is on a Sunday this year.

That doesn't have any significance I just wanted to let yall know

Considering all of the bloatware an carrier-locked phone has, you'd THINK they would at least have Google Calendar *along* with Gmail


Technical interview, let's gooooo

One step closer, boi~

Movie: *has non-white non-male main character(s)*

Terminally online white men: WOKE CULTURE IS RUINING MOVIES REEEEE

Asking for help 

Hey lovelies,

So I'm in a bit of a pickle: my electric bill is due this coming week, and I'm totally bingo on cash.

If you could kick me a few bucks so I can try to get this paid off, it'd help so much.$somarasu


Fuck Tennessee.

I have family that live there. They're great.

But fuck Tennessee.

Might fuck around and play with a flavor of BSD

If you say 'bars' after inadvertently rhyming two words in a sentence, you're legally obligated to release a mixtape within 6 months

If you were my girl, I'd share my nacho fries with you

It's about that time where the Central Valley becomes an oven

Racism (TW: shootings) 

The "lore" being: "White people are in charge, and I don't care who the fuck I have to kill to prove it"

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Racism (TW: shootings) 

When you look at the trending motivations for mass shootings (circa post-Columbine), you'll notice a clear and present bend of "anti-BIPOC" bias.

Whether it's shooting up a mosque or a supermarket frequented by Black people, these events become more, shall we say, "lore"-based

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These aren't even the "quiet parts" now.

They're just The Parts.

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