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In the 4-5ish years ive been on the fediverse i dont think ive ever made my DMs availability known

They're always open, just in case you were wondering

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Look at me out here not looking like trash tonight :blobuwu: (selfie; eye contact)

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Me: "Yo! I was reading up on $tech last weekend, we can totally use it in the codebase and it'll be sweet"

Everyone: *crickets*

*months later*

Cunt Exec: So what's this i hear about $tech?

Buddy (white guy #1): Yeah you should talk to Soma about it, i think he knows the most about it out of all of us.

Cunt Exec: *looks at me* ... white guy #2, can you look into this?

Me: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun:

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Hey folx! It's time!

My name is Soma, your friendly black neighborhood demiman. They/them pronouns, but he/him is no biggie. Im a cyclist, a front-end developer, an ancom, and just an all-around pain in the ass to white people everywhere (well, most anyway).

Finally i have headphone access b/c this track is the bomb

Never seen the movie. But i love everything the chief spuds are affiliated with

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Since im not digging a ditch, there should be no reason why i shouldn't be tired after working 8-12 hours a day.

Thank you, dad. Very cool sentiment.

ffs, it would have behooved my previous employer to be stingy about overtime b/c they were independently-owned.

this is a giant fuckin' corporation

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Some companies are so stingy with overtime it's legitimately shocking.

For everything negative I've said about my old job, there were also a shitton of positives, namely: not being stingy with overtime.


I had a job where I WANTED to stay for 12 hours, to a job where I HAVE to be for 12 hours.

Fuck, i knew i should have brought a phone charger.

Im investing way too much into this new battery

Or any sort of "mandatory clothing item(s)"

I'd kill to go back to just a "dress code"

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If the job requires a uniform, it probably sucks

Got a new battery for my phone, finally

It'll be nice to not have to constantly have my phone turn off less than an hour after a full night's charge

I missed my blog post on kofi yesterday (i was pretty busy) but i wont miss today, friends

thats right: the temps.

but neither do i! which is the REAL tragedy

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it's taco day at the Home Depot sdc

guess who doesnt get any.

Working security is ball-numbingly boring, or potentially dangerous.

Sometimes all at once.

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