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A follow request isnt my way of 'breaking the ice'.

Perhaps trying an interaction beforehand~?

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Me: "Yo! I was reading up on $tech last weekend, we can totally use it in the codebase and it'll be sweet"

Everyone: *crickets*

*months later*

Cunt Exec: So what's this i hear about $tech?

Buddy (white guy #1): Yeah you should talk to Soma about it, i think he knows the most about it out of all of us.

Cunt Exec: *looks at me* ... white guy #2, can you look into this?

Me: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun:

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Hey folx! It's time!

My name is Soma, your friendly black neighborhood demiman. They/them pronouns, but he/him is no biggie. Im a cyclist, a front-end developer, an ancom, and just an all-around pain in the ass to white people everywhere (well, most anyway).

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Hearing someone go 'black people are just as racist as white people' elicits the same mental response in me that I imagine hardcore Youtube atheists feel when they hear someone go "well evolution is just a theory, it's not proven"

and for the record, one cannot be 'beautifully anti-black'; i did it strictly for the alliteration

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i wanna have a 'Rosemary and Thyme' watch party with my lesbian friends

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ERBOH is what happens when a history teacher falls asleep watching old '106 and Park' re-runs

centrists be like 'i dont agree with your racism but i'll defend to the death your right to practice it'

I managed to work in both reverence for Javascript *and* the occult on my portfolio website

I watched and ep of Rick and Morty for the first time in a while and the *first* thing that popped into my head was "why are Rick's lines so fuckin' long??"

If you're gonna make up stories about how 'see black folks are racist ToOoO!' you gotta make them believable.

Or at the very least consistent.

One time my coworker told us this story about how at his old job, one of his coworkers told him that he "fucking hates white people", and i remember being like "That's total fiction. Zero black people would risk their jobs by telling you that they hate white folks, it's a literal zero-sum game."

oh yeah, now i gotta let my folks know i got fucked out of ui b/c racism

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