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In the 4-5ish years ive been on the fediverse i dont think ive ever made my DMs availability known

They're always open, just in case you were wondering

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Look at me out here not looking like trash tonight :blobuwu: (selfie; eye contact)

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*hits the reject to the Marriage of Figaro*

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Me: "Yo! I was reading up on $tech last weekend, we can totally use it in the codebase and it'll be sweet"

Everyone: *crickets*

*months later*

Cunt Exec: So what's this i hear about $tech?

Buddy (white guy #1): Yeah you should talk to Soma about it, i think he knows the most about it out of all of us.

Cunt Exec: *looks at me* ... white guy #2, can you look into this?

Me: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun: :smb3_sun:

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Hey folx! It's time!

My name is Soma, your friendly black neighborhood demiman. They/them pronouns, but he/him is no biggie. Im a cyclist, a front-end developer, an ancom, and just an all-around pain in the ass to white people everywhere (well, most anyway).

Ideally they oughta be *giving away* newspapers (buy in bulk from the printers or something).

And I'm talking local/regional newspapers, not horseshit corporate propaganda newspapers.

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Workplaces oughta sell newspapers.

Why does this warehouse not sell newspapers?

I'll *have* to; I've got a stop during my Lyft ride home that goes right to the supermarket

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I'm making spaget tonight no more fuckin around

I love that new company Gmail account smell

Y'know what's making me super happy?

The fact that soon I'll be able to check the fediverse whenever I want, and not just when a supervisor isn't looking.

Gah, did I have a tough time getting out of bed this morning :blobsleeping:

What happened is that the plastic hook that's let's you put the keys in your keychain broke, because that bit is just cheap plastic

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Actually, in full disclosure, I've got TWO bike locks. Both of which are missing their keys *somehow*

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So operation spaghetti will have to wait til tomorrow (or probably Thursday because that's when I get paid).

I *really* need to buy a new bike lock first 😅

Food/cooking; alc 

I'm not a red wine guy, or a wine guy period, but I think Angry Orchards will be a nice alternative to go with dinner

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I might do spaghetti tonight. Head to the store, grab some sausage, sauce, cheese and noodles.

Today's (probably) the day folks.

Two-weeks notice is gonna go in soon.

And that's gentrification on small, selfish scale (because I'd be devastated if that happened in my stomping grounds). But instead of food trucks, imagine it's whole ass neighborhoods

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Imagine the nightmare of going to your favorite local taco truck, run by the same Mexican family for over a decade -- family members from multiple generations working in it -- only to find that they got yeet'ed from their space so that the landlord can put in a Sprouts.

That's gentrification.

Food, alc, + 

Today I went on a ride. Then stopped at the taco truck for a burrito. Then went to the liquor store for some vodka.

Today rules.

Today's weather is fuckin awesome for riding. Not oppressively hot but the sky's totally blue.

And it's not biblically windy either

Alc (+) 

It'll be the same stuff I usually drink. But maybe out of a nicer glass

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Alc (+) 

Tonight's drinks are definitely gonna be celebratory :blobuwu:

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