Solid degree of success woodworking today - working on a large walnut kitchen table and a small box made out of some extra parts of a reclaimed whiskey barrel. I think it’s going to smell like smoke and whiskey in the box - might be nice to store food in to impart those flavors?

I was looking back at my last year's worth of Lightroom photos to find some to get printed, and I really like how this one came out. The big thing I feel like I'm missing is scale - if I ever see this thing again I'll make sure to get people in the frame as well.

Eventually they wound up looking like this. I'm pretty happy with that. I just have to attach the legs and I'm done.

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Eventually this table is going to be *lovely*. So far, 8 feet by 13 inches ... Targeting 7'6" by 4'. My planer is only 13", so I have to do these glue ups two boards at a time.

This coffee table project is going great. I'm so glad I moved to that new shop space - having space for a jointer and a quality planer has really taken my work to a new level.

Some serious sanding and some polyurethane comes next.

No user serviceable parts my ass.

Somehow, my ebike battery stopped taking a charge. I popped it open, ignoring a bunch of stickers telling me not to. Found a 5A fuse just hanging out inline with the charging circuit, which blew for whatever reason. I have some spare 5A fuses in the right form factor but they used heat shrink tubing instead of a fuse holder, so fuck it, for now it's replaced with a wire nut. I'll go get my heat gun later and replace that with a fuse again, but for now, it works!

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spent most of today building a tool that is probably mostly going to be used wrong, to disastrous effect. like the software version of one of these things.


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