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reminder that i look really, really hot in button downs (selfie, no ec, boosts great!)

Eventually they wound up looking like this. I'm pretty happy with that. I just have to attach the legs and I'm done.

Eventually this table is going to be *lovely*. So far, 8 feet by 13 inches ... Targeting 7'6" by 4'. My planer is only 13", so I have to do these glue ups two boards at a time.

Today I worked on service A, which, when it receives a request from service B, will translate that request into a format that service C understands. Service C will forward the request without modification to service D, which, using configuration generated by service A, will fan out that request into as many as 20 separate requests back to service B. Some of those requests will repeat this cycle, others will be forwarded to services E and F. Service E often, but not always, delegates to service F.

The OSI model, except the top 15 of 21 layers are all application

question about handling my own gender presentation 

question about handling my own gender presentation 

This coffee table project is going great. I'm so glad I moved to that new shop space - having space for a jointer and a quality planer has really taken my work to a new level.

Some serious sanding and some polyurethane comes next.

Rented an amazing new workshop that I've spent nights and weekends getting set up. I built my first workbench, immediately hated it, and started using it to build a second workbench. Dust collection routing is almost done and I'm about ready to start working on a solid ash cabinet and two walnut tables.

The laser hair removal is starting to work and I'm feeling just amazing about it.

my greatest professional regret is the time I made a completely unnecessary new programming language. it still runs in the process for qualifying computers to run on bnsf trains and every time i see a bnsf train I think "ah crap".

I definitely don't know what to think about my gender but I had a laser appointment today and that feels affirming even though I don't know what exactly it is actually affirming.

No user serviceable parts my ass.

Somehow, my ebike battery stopped taking a charge. I popped it open, ignoring a bunch of stickers telling me not to. Found a 5A fuse just hanging out inline with the charging circuit, which blew for whatever reason. I have some spare 5A fuses in the right form factor but they used heat shrink tubing instead of a fuse holder, so fuck it, for now it's replaced with a wire nut. I'll go get my heat gun later and replace that with a fuse again, but for now, it works!

ugh I've got a shipment at home of parts to finish a project I've been working on for months

but I am sitting here at work waiting for time to pass so I can goooooooooo

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look i think we can all identify with the story of Bob Hamelin, retiring from baseball forever in the middle of a game that he was playing in

bafflingly, somehow feeling sad that there's no more people named bob playing sports. damn you jon bois, what a very dumb thing for me to have feelings about tonight

med (-) 

med (-) 

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