I have had a feeling that I probably accomplish about a day’s worth of work every two weeks. finished two weeks’ work before lunch today, so I guess the situation is even dumber than that.

Like a million events have happened! What the hell, is this game just a massive story generator that happens to have a fortress mechanic in it?

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Playing some dwarf fortress for the first time in a few years - loved this game back in college. Amazing how much history is in world generation now!

ouroboros can have little a ouroboros, as a treat

I work at a cyberpunk megacorporation in a makework division doing deeply meaningless unnecessary things all day every day. Today in a team meeting my boss asked us all if we were excited for the future in a tone that implied we were really supposed to say yes.

No one said yes. Someone asked “What do we have to be excited for?”. Someone else said “no, but I guess I’m not really dreading it either.”

Kinda bleak for the team meeting, but both very fair.

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Trump Xmas lights lol 

A friend is really into smoked meats, and their wife asked me to help with a Christmas present where we broke down a whiskey barrel into wood-smoker sized chunks. There were some extra chunks so I took those and made them into a little box - it smells like whiskey and charred oak on the inside. It’s less artful than my usual work due to the inherently screwy wood used, but my friend wound up happy with it, so I’m delighted.

I grew up very evangelical, and Christmas has a history of being a hard time for me. The last few years I’ve been getting out of town for Christmas, getting somewhere where they don’t have quite so much Christianity, and hanging out there til new year’s. Went all out this year; I landed in Istanbul last night, which is going great so far. Headed on to Jerusalem in a few days.

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Doing these sorts of super physical things makes me feel a lot better. Had a rough one at first today since I spent the morning picking out photos to use for my save-the-dates for my upcoming wedding. Had to look at a lot of photos of me. I do not enjoy that, eesh. But this really turned today around for me.

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Solid degree of success woodworking today - working on a large walnut kitchen table and a small box made out of some extra parts of a reclaimed whiskey barrel. I think it’s going to smell like smoke and whiskey in the box - might be nice to store food in to impart those flavors?

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a relief to read this and see that I'm not alone in my desperate frustration re: tensorflow 'a certain category of currently popular software... [has] a bundle of frustrating qualities like: [...] Documentation is a chilly API reference plus a disorganized, decontextualized collection of demos/tutorials for specific features written in an excited “it’s so easy!” tone, lacking the conventional “User’s Manual” level that strings the features together into mature workflows'

I was looking back at my last year's worth of Lightroom photos to find some to get printed, and I really like how this one came out. The big thing I feel like I'm missing is scale - if I ever see this thing again I'll make sure to get people in the frame as well.

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reminder that i look really, really hot in button downs (selfie, no ec, boosts great!)

Eventually they wound up looking like this. I'm pretty happy with that. I just have to attach the legs and I'm done.

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