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a lot of my friends on are inactive, so if you still play feel free to add me!

going to try moving accounts- hope it goes smoothly!

big stressful assignment is done! phew! next week we get to finally start coding

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AlS0, iF S0Me0nE WaNtS A C0Py 0F HiVeSwAp:AcT 1 I'Ve g0t aN ExTrA StEaM C0De

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Are you looking for a new comic to read? Transformed! is a goofy wish-fulfillment story about a transgender male college student who finds a mysterious magic ring! Can he defeat monsters AND come out to his best friend?

Find out at:
#queer #webcomics #comics #queercomics #ftm

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Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 210 nodes, descending 51 nodes down.

gasp... I'm 9 sweeps old... just like the alpha trolls

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Me, an insufferable librarian: please source your memes or at least state that you aren’t the creator of something you’re reposting uwu~✨

oh yeah, Microsoft Outlook android app has the worst time selection ui I've ever seen. you can either slide the times up and down manually or enter them. but to enter them, you have to SCROLL THROUGH ALL THE NUMBERS

actually not even updates. just "Windows is getting ready"

that windows update been hitting me for 30 minutes

hello hpe transfer me from engineering department to proofreading department

also it makes it sound like she died. meg Whitman found dead in Miami

love to be greeted by a huge comma splice on the company homepage. so professional

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expired: null-terminated

tired: length-prefixed

inspired: _xX~ and ~Xx_ on each side of the string

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