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feeling a bit sick and making soup

i dont use discord anymore

took a break from apple music to save some cashhhhh

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I want to bite, all the time. Getting affection makes the need 10000% stronger.

I just want to clamp onto somebody, yeah know?

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in the future we will get all our memes from the MEME FRAME

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when you can't find your sensor bar but you reeeeally wanna play super mario galaxy


Like yeah I want to go into VR so you can dress me up like some basketball playing cartoon man??? No maybe it's p darn important to me how I'm presented even in virtual spaces.

I tried to play Rec Room VR but they wouldn't let me dress my character before forcing me to play a game with a rando so like fuck you anyway

Hire a wedding planner so you can pay somebody to have the stress breakdowns for you.

This is inreply to @ticky but also just general advice for anyone.

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I’ve made a Telegram sticker set for Magic School Lunar! It contains every character portrait in the game. Link:

I’m cleaning the house but acting like a Hollywood Demon

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Tbh wanna get real gay weird and lewd it's been a whiiiillllllleeeeeeee