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when im sick everybody says "watch out, fae phlegm"

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Pescetarian, FOSS advocate, rap fan, but ALSO unbelievably hot 👹 woops

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Hey it’s Arielle, I’ve been here for awhile but it’s a good time for one of these! I support developers of mastodon on patreon and so should you!

I’m a game designer, noise/experimental musician, 2D artist, vegan food enthusiast and FOSS enthusiast.

I believe that it’s our duty if possible, to live free of major corporations, to support small businesses and independent development. Do not let amazon and google into your home!

Also hit me up with anime suggestions!

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An Email Client Odyssey.

Evolution: Solid. Works. Simple. Doesn't show menus in the global menubar. Icons are a bit funky & layout is a bit off. :thounking:

Kmail: Crashes when you look at it wrong. Doesn't know how to IMAP good. Bad. :drake_dislike:

Thunderbird: Works every time. Shows menus in the global menubar. :blobcatrainbow: :cool_rainbow: :kirby_fly: :drake_like: A bit massive and clunky. Oh well.

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/e/ project have set this as their default in their new android OS, which is wonderful, we get features and privacy

Running Bromite as my mobile browser of choice as Firefox on mobile is not feature complete imo this is yr best option for browsing on Android with chromium

Released my weather app on windows store, it was easy??

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#Searx is an open source search engine which combines results from 70 other search engines while stripping away their trackers.

You can try it out on any public Searx instance, for example:

If you run a server, you can also install your own Searx instance:

It also works through @torproject if you want an extra layer of privacy.

#AlternativesAtoZ #SearchEngines

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I was running Brave for a second but it's fucking icky

Moving over to Bromite on my lineage phone because Firefox doesn't have great progress web app support currently

My weather PWA is up! Check it out
Note: I may have borked iOS right now cuz I was trying to support their specific PWA splash screen requirements

hi friends sorry ive been busy building this web app for the last few days, its almost done!

you ever code React for 12 hours straight FOR FUN and then have your sick twisted mind turn the wholesome beloved song Shots by Lil Jon into Props??


dear god now I wanna make my website a react app

I spent all day web designing and studying react

i like went out of my way to get a device like this, and then I fucking decided to do web development in my spare time

thankfully i still love this computer, the keyboard is super great and i dont get fatigue even though I use it a TON and have a few RSIs already

(my laptop is convertible but i never use that function...)

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