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when im sick everybody says "watch out, fae phlegm"

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Pescetarian, FOSS advocate, rap fan, but ALSO unbelievably hot 👹 woops

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Hey it’s Arielle, I’ve been here for awhile but it’s a good time for one of these! I support developers of mastodon on patreon and so should you!

I’m a game designer, noise/experimental musician, 2D artist, vegan food enthusiast and FOSS enthusiast.

I believe that it’s our duty if possible, to live free of major corporations, to support small businesses and independent development. Do not let amazon and google into your home!

Also hit me up with anime suggestions!

obviously i'm on

elliot page bro what a classic trans dude name

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I’m glad I got my chromebook so I’m not enticed to get that M1 arm MacBook Air

tomorrow we will have no fucking power all day weeeee

I'm gonna add my xbox @ on my profile once i fucking get a XSX

if anybody knows @eve_elle and has communications with her outside mastodon I hope shes doing alright !


I got a very nice chromebook for cheap, modern model and all its great for most things but the linux container shit is so fucking fragile i need to sync my environment configurations ahead of time instead of continually having to redo it

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could the M1 mac mini be a good remote in development environment

How are people living the bisocialnetwork life these days

I remember there was cross posting drama

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Like I legit forget who peeps are o.o hello again

Hello everyone following me wtf is up

This year sucks 🤔


hello 5 peoople I follow who have posted today

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seattle creep alert (cw assault, alcohol) 

don't get in a car with this man! i was falling down drunk last night and he followed me inside and tried to kiss me, wouldn't leave until i showed him my pepper spray and made clear i was willing to use it

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you could interpret randy newman's name to mean "horny baby".

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