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when im sick everybody says "watch out, fae phlegm"

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Pescetarian, FOSS advocate, rap fan, but ALSO unbelievably hot 👹 woops

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Hey it’s Arielle, I’ve been here for awhile but it’s a good time for one of these! I support developers of mastodon on patreon and so should you!

I’m a game designer, noise/experimental musician, 2D artist, vegan food enthusiast and FOSS enthusiast.

I believe that it’s our duty if possible, to live free of major corporations, to support small businesses and independent development. Do not let amazon and google into your home!

Also hit me up with anime suggestions!

yall can think the death research doggo is cute, whatever floats yr boat

these companies purposefully toy with our associations and desires to build relationships and care for things, i'm not gonna get mad at somebody thinking these things are cute.

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Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

a lot of shits been blowing up on birdsite over my abusive ex, as she decided to make a big blogpost about how her victims are all crazy and how she definitely isnt close friends with a nazi

Yall probably missed it but myself and many other victims of her tactics got out there and were able to share our experiences and fight against her attempt to silence us further

DM me if you want to talk about all this, I don't want anymore people feeling hurt and isolated

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fellas is it gay to transmute my materia

the Palm brand is back and they are launching a luxury phone but I hope it motivates more small phone development

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been playing FFXIV with my bb and its been so good and has been helping with work stress and life stress

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you, fool: the best way to listen to music is on a chaise lounge through audiophile grade headphones while drinking a Strong Beverage

me, genius: the best way to listen to music is in the bath through your phone speakers right before you drop it in the water

my ergonomic microsoft keyboard broke, i have no idea what the problem is, it just types a bunch of garbage when I try to use it, its a slim custom design that doesnt look repairable, and trying to find replacement boards seems impossible since
the board and the transmitter are locked to each other

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hows it going yall,

I just got Mario Party and i'm ready to roll some sequential 1's !

finally gonna sell my airpods, another step in purging apple from my life.

decided to pick up this bad boys so I can have one pair of headphones for everything in my life

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decided to try out pso blue burst once again.

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