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I'm trying some stuff out but I may be moving to @sadie :))

reminder for you doofuses to follow me on my new account @sadie

I'm trying some stuff out but I may be moving to @sadie :))

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Check out the latest in Sarah's Voxel Editor Basics tutorial series in which she explains how color palettes work!
#voxel #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #indiegames #rpginabox

i'm not like super into the twitter-like UI and find it limiting

anybody been using friendica or misskey ? misskey is new but very ..... moe

Anybody playing NISEI's new Startup format for Netrunner? I just ordered the new starter set, deckbuilding addon and the 2021 core set of reprints

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i'm glad that there is somewhat of a public reckoning happening now regarding the treatment of Isabel Fall and how her brilliant story was absolutely dragged through the mud, but I'm never going to forget the authors on here who gleefully participated in that harassment campaign

Talking about the problems with mastodon got more interactions than like a month of posts does

man that’s yikes af

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@slimekat yep, mastodon development consistently hews towards duplicating Twitter dynamics, it's basically a lost cause on that front, but we have to make do in the meantime...

I think one of the biggest issues with mastodon based systems is like, this was built to be an alternative to Twitter but it’s structure is still nearly identical

I think we deserve better than just microblogging but this time without advertisers

looking back at your own posts is weird as fuck, going back 3 years its like WHO IS THIS PERSON

obviously i'm on

elliot page bro what a classic trans dude name

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I’m glad I got my chromebook so I’m not enticed to get that M1 arm MacBook Air

tomorrow we will have no fucking power all day weeeee

I'm gonna add my xbox @ on my profile once i fucking get a XSX

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