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when im sick everybody says "watch out, fae phlegm"

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Pescetarian, FOSS advocate, rap fan, but ALSO unbelievably hot 👹 woops

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Hey it’s Arielle, I’ve been here for awhile but it’s a good time for one of these! I support developers of mastodon on patreon and so should you!

I’m a game designer, noise/experimental musician, 2D artist, vegan food enthusiast and FOSS enthusiast.

I believe that it’s our duty if possible, to live free of major corporations, to support small businesses and independent development. Do not let amazon and google into your home!

Also hit me up with anime suggestions!

currently KDE doesn't know what to do with touch interactions on my touch screen, though Ungoogled-Chromium seems to get it

nothing more american than somebody taking a shit outside your apartment


QT development is interesting and im glad more distro teams are focusing on it and exploring its ups and downs

running KDE is both wonderful and AAAAAAAAAAAAA

been fighting with browsers all day, how bout you?

installing MTG Arena on my FedoraKDE machine, tried earlier today but couldnt do to those google server problems I'm guessing??

sit-stand convertible assembled, now if only the actual fucking desk would show up

I've been on Deepin for a month or so, its been nice, though a bit buggy, and occasionally completely unstable requiring me to force restart my laptop.

I'm going to be wiping my drive and updating the windows partition, resizing partitions better this time, and running with Fedora KDE this time.

I've been busy with moving and life and surgery recovering and blaaaaaaah but I've got an ergodox keyboard now but no desk to rest it on

I'm considering switching back to KDE once again, i've been running Deepin on Fedora 30 for a month or so


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