Does anyone have any suggestions for public domain books that I should print out and hand-bind? I'm really into bookbinding at the moment and I WANT to bind an actual book, but I have no idea what book to try binding.

@sleepingsirens I have no idea what your tastes are but some of my faves are The Picture of Dorian Grey and Dracula.

@sleepingsirens i remember reading shakespeare (the sonnets) and blake and whitman in e-book format years ago. poetry can make for a fun exercise in bookmaking...

@sleepingsirens If you're experimenting with technique, I suggest browsing Project Gutenberg to see what strikes your fancy.

@ everyone who commented with good and valid responses: I'm sorry but I instead chose to print and bind Black Amazon Of Mars by Leigh Brackett. I have no clue if it's going to be any good but fuck it, I'm about to find out.

Alright, book recommendation time:

If you like planetary romances(think John Carter of Mars(think "man with sword on Mars with aliens and crystal tech")), then you'll probably enjoy Black Amazon of Mars. You'll probably enjoy it even if you're indifferent, as I am and did. It's good and despite being written in the 1930s does NOT consist entirely of bloated prose.

It can be read here:

I printed it out and bound it in the traditional Japanese method because it was easier that way.

@sleepingsirens I like Leigh Brackett a lot, though she’s not much read or remembered now. (Or at least, not for her fiction - her screenwriting is more famous.)

@ghost_bird You mean to tell me there's more of her stuff?

...Well, I guess this is one way to get back into reading often. Probably not gonna print out and hand-bind every single one of her books, though, because good lord that was a pain in the ass.

@sleepingsirens Yes, though the free stuff is a subset - only magazine publications where the magazine went bust at the right time. I’ll find you some relevant links. (Her famous screenplays include Rio Bravo, The Big Sleep, and - right at the end of her life - a rewrite on The Empire Strikes Back.)

@sleepingsirens And now I’ve looked it up, Black Amazon of Mars is one of my favourites - I didn’t recognise it because I have it in an edition with a different title.

@sleepingsirens How about: - this was one of the first books ever to be made into an e-book for testing early e-readers if I recall correctly, so it might be fitting :D

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