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drew my darling wonderful beautiful lovely angelic wife @amy as their fursona, a highland cow

moo bitch

tacky lesbian fashions are my favourite thing. i love choosing my outfits by what will look the worst

@HTHR Just read your zine- I don't have very many broken things to hand, but perhaps you'll accept a plaster casting of all of my teeth that I got from the dentist when they had to replace some of my teeth?

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@Gryph0n Hey, I showed your game to a friend just now, and I think they like it.

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@HTHR oh and also zero actual discussion of how to design any part of a game so far.

@HTHR i recall you being in game design courses in college

tell me, is it normal for "Intro to Game Design and Development" to consist mostly of essays on data completely unrelated to game design that is also not even slightly available to the public?

(I'm not bothered, not because I think the PocketCHIP does that already, but because my desire to play Pico-8 games on the go does not extend beyond ten dollars.)

(Also it would be cool if there was a handheld devoted entirely to playing Pico-8 games but honestly I'm not too bothered by that not being a thing.)

I wish there was an open-source handheld game console. I don't mean the pocketchip(this thing: ), I mean "a knockoff Gameboy Advance with four face buttons, shoulder buttons, a circle pad, and an SD slot." Something that is purpose-built for playing games on it, and only that. I want something like that, and if I hadn't spectacularly failed Digital Electronics, I'd probably be trying to make a prototype and a kickstarter out of this.

hey @HTHR how long did genderwrecked take to develop?

its for a college essay

I've started a personal art challenge that I'm going to share with all of you because why the hell not:

It's called 20 x 25(pronounced Twenty By Twenty Five), and the premise is that you pick a specific thing you wanna get better at drawing, and then draw 20 of it a day for 25 days.

To keep it interesting for yourself, I recommend writing up a list of 25 themes, one for each day. Get creative and add variety within each day, too- maybe combine the current theme with a future one! Here's my day 1 page:

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