@lucidiot These Are Homestuck Troll Writing Quirks The Kids Love Em

fortnite is a roguelite, and heres why

-random distribution of loot
-when you die you have to start over from the very beginning
-high lethality

Reasons why Pokémon Gen 8 should have a Bug type “Spider-Eevee” eeveelution.

• I’m a lesbian who loves spiders and I deserve it.
• Arachneon would be a cool fucking name.
• Eevee has two cute little eyes. Wouldn’t she look four times as cute with four times as many eyes?
• Eevee has four cute little paws. Wouldn’t she look twice as cute with twice as many paws?
• Need more good Bug Pokémon.
• Not asking for a game changer like Sylveon, just a cool bug! 🕷🕸

the best part of being lesbian is when your girlfriend messages you just "I'm gay"

in highschool i made the argument that u could do the macarena to literally any song if u just did it at the right speed and Everyone hated me for it

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Please buy my book! It's got lesbians! It's about trauma and healing! It's about music! It's about the great lakes! It's got a happy ending! www.amazon.com/dp/B07MBJ67DK

in 2019 we buy all our clothes from aliexpress, and they are all covered in unregulated lasers


That was faster than I anticipated! My new non-challenge-based fantasy #RPG, Journey Away, is now available for sale on DriveThruRPG!

Currently it's just the PDF version; there's still a bit to do before the print version can be sold.

But still! It's my game! I did that!

Don't worry, I won't be spamming the TL about it, but it *is* my livelihood, so maybe fill in the gap with some boosts? Thanks!


lesbian flirting is just saying "no ur the cutest girl ever" back and forth to each other for 45 minutes

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