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the title is LITERALLY "Japanese Bookbinding"

i get that east asian bookbinding isnt like. a commercially common option, but its not like its THAT hard to do with machines. sewing machines exist already. failing that... shrink wrap a stack of pages and make the customer bind it themselves. its not like they dont know how.

what the fuck, why is a book about japanese bookbinding NOT bound with japanese bookbinding techniques

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@KittyUnpretty Absent any correction from yourself, I am going to assume that Clark Kent's antifreeze of choice is the classic Ethylene Glycol, known for being very sweet, and probably eerily reminiscent of that super-sweet strawberry soda from Christmas In Kansas.

(Feel free to steal this, lord knows I've stolen a few of your ideas for a fic I'm working on.)

Alright, book recommendation time:

If you like planetary romances(think John Carter of Mars(think "man with sword on Mars with aliens and crystal tech")), then you'll probably enjoy Black Amazon of Mars. You'll probably enjoy it even if you're indifferent, as I am and did. It's good and despite being written in the 1930s does NOT consist entirely of bloated prose.

It can be read here:

I printed it out and bound it in the traditional Japanese method because it was easier that way.

@ everyone who commented with good and valid responses: I'm sorry but I instead chose to print and bind Black Amazon Of Mars by Leigh Brackett. I have no clue if it's going to be any good but fuck it, I'm about to find out.

Does anyone have any suggestions for public domain books that I should print out and hand-bind? I'm really into bookbinding at the moment and I WANT to bind an actual book, but I have no idea what book to try binding.

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I'm devising my own goddamn library organization system because I'm just that much of a nerd, apparently. Also my library needs are wildly divergent from most existing standards and if I want one I basically have to make one myself, but that's beside the point.

This was about DC's "New Gods" which I don't know anything about and refuse to look up on the wiki.

The experience of explaining comics to your friends who don't read comics, distilled into two words:

how has it taken me this long to realize that @KittyUnpretty is on this instance

also, hi, i really like your batman stuff, especially the post about water bottles and bruce's ridiculous bat-shaped canteen. please recommend batman comics at me, trying to get started with the comic books is an impenetrable mess

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@HTHR do you know if/when recordings of your GDC talks will go up online?

anyone got any good resources on raising pigeons as livestock?