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Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 107 nodes, descending 32 nodes down.

(appearing with no shirt)
What? i distinctly heard "bear market"

OH: "This developer [of a beer brewing sim] spends lots of time thinking about beer."
Me: "I mean, you work in tech, you know what it's like…"
OH: "Then why isn't there a coffee shop sim?"
Me: "Let's be real, most coffee consumption in tech is probably self medication of undiagnosed ADHD, I'm sure there's loads of half finished coffee simulators"

Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 319 nodes, descending 29 nodes down.

guy with ~animals superpower~ who is literally just some loser. he can't talk to animals, and he is not able to control them nor does he have any supernatural charm over them. he is, baseline, nice to animals and has some good instincts about how to interact with them, but his life is a complete fucking wreck

the only thing is, local animals think he's cool as fuck. he's a local celebrity but only to animals. they talk to each other about him and coordinate to help him out and he has no idea why sometimes swarms of crows show up to kick somebody's ass for being mean to him

did you know they made a Myst board game where you have to competitively assemble puzzle pieces? i do now

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*looking at a straight couple* so which one of you is the booba and which one is the kiki?

all anime eventually becomes high school anime. it's like carcinization

Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 2925 nodes, descending 242 nodes down.

GF: I found you, cutie!
Me: Cutie? I think you're the cutie around here. You're comparing yourself to me? Ha! I'm not even good enough to be your partner.
GF: I'll make you eat those words!

honestly seeing before and after of trans people,, it’s amazing to see how much more life they have in them after transitioning it’s so,, 💜

I love interrogating a cat when they say some shit at you. What? Don't have a follow up, idiot? You were just here to hit and run? Ezra you can mrrrrp (lays down next to my head in bed) (purrs violently) all you want little bitch, but at least have an answer when I meow bac- he answered with another meow

sony rereleasing morbius because of the memes and then making $289/theater off the rerelease is the funniest thing

when the captain from zero wing wants to watch their favourite anime they say "lain screen turn on"

Real tired of reductionally talking about people as "criminals".
"Criminal" is a word to describe housecats, and I will not stand for this appropriation.

Panic? At this time of year in this part of the country localized entirely at the disco?!

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