bitcoin just feels like part of the weird insular world that rich people have all to themselves

no cryptocoin is stable enough to do real commerce in so it’s just speculators up and down, and besides it’s only ever used as a pass-through for national currencies


@garbados reasons to use cryptocurrency:
- drugs
- ponzi schemes
- ???

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@sl2c drugs are a good reason but it would be better with a stable currency

@sl2c @garbados you used to be able to pay for cam shows with it.

Open source projects let you tip with it.

.... that is all I have.

I actually looked into bitcoin when you could still do CPU mining, and was like okay what can I buy with it and at the time the only thing I wanted to purchase on the registry of stuff you could buy with bitcoin with beef jerky and I almost got into the magic internet money so I could buy free beef jerky...

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