was checking through old IRC settings and noticed that at one point I tried to use Wendy as my girl name and while I kind of suspect Willa fits better as a name for me and it lets me blend it with my boy name in certain ways* there's a part of me that wants to use Wendy in certain situations.

*see will@catgirl.science's current name

if i had a horny account (I don't for various reasons) I'd probably use Wendy as my name there, maybe a pen name for whatever reason. I get a weird adrenaliney rush thinking of it being applied as my name still. weird.

you know what, screw it, going to do this for now, see how it feels to have this as my name again. maybe reply to me using it in a sentence so I can see how it feels?

still not sure if Wendy is a good name for *me*.

gonna go back to Willa for now; if you want to refer to me by various pronouns/names feel free though! I'm trying to get a feel for myself still! I don't get feminine third-person pronouns in real life so I want to feel how they feel >_>

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