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gonna go back to Willa for now; if you want to refer to me by various pronouns/names feel free though! I'm trying to get a feel for myself still! I don't get feminine third-person pronouns in real life so I want to feel how they feel >_>

@DissidentKitty 'good thing you're not in taiwan because they'd jail you for unlicensed public clownery' is a fairly strong dunk i think

Open for an affirmation 

While you studied the blade I also studied the blade. But I didn't studey the blade very well. Did you do the blade homework. What did you get for question 5

Petition to rename this heater at my roommate's gym "Vent Reznor"

anyone: *falls*

me: ah, the classic reverse icarus. you flew too close to the ground

Cute. Cute. None of you are free of adorable

NES: Nintendo 8
SNES: Nintendo 16
??: Nintendo 32
N64: Nintendo 64
GameCube: Nintendo 128
Wii: Nintendo 256
Wii U: Nintendo 256 U
Switch: Nintendo 512

is it gay to exonerate? It's literally relieving (someone or something) of a load 😳😔

Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 118 nodes, descending 25 nodes down.

interstellar sports. different species good at such radically different things that very rarely is there real competition. humans have the marathon. a new species of intelligent endurance hunters is discovered and the 26-mile race is on

@wigglytuffitout @erinbee @tsturm @readsteven I remember reading some while ago about a group of people from, I believe, Papua New Guinea, that were brought to visit the UK. Everyone was worried about culture shock, but they handled things in stride until they were taken to an archery exhibition.
At which point they absolutely lost it at the concept of fletching, because that was actually relevant to them.

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