work complaints 

We are in the middle of migrating from one language to another at work and are supposed to be writing X% of the code in the new language.

Which is already a concerning kind of thing to have as a metric we are supposed to achieve; but it gets worse.

I have been addressing technical debt by writing tests around various bits of untested code in the old language when I need to modify it and I basically got the team in trouble for writing too much code.

I have calmed down; but I doubt I will stick around long term at this company.

I can't believe I got pulled into a meeting yesterday to talk about and justify line of code written.

I have been watching a pair of squirrels for a day now from my desk. They keep hanging out together; but if one gets too close, the other moves away. Most of the time, they have just been eating maple keys off the ground.

food, non-veg 

Went to the market and bought lots of tasty food, including some liverwurst which I am now enjoying on crackers. 😋

meta cw 

I have been avoiding the news.

Just recognizing that I don't have the capacity to engage with it. And I have been really, really appreciating everyone using cw to talk about, so I can avoid reading about it when I just don't have the capacity to deal.

I just want to say thanks for doing that and for making my timeline easier to handle right now.

I am super brain dead and realized right at the end of the day that there is a bunch of work that has to happen on my work project; but.... I can finally see how everything fits together. So, that's nice.

A rain washed Sunday morning here. Time to tidy my home while picturing cleaning montages from Miyazaki films.

weed, food 

Had an edible after dinner, met with a friend and walk for a good two hours, enjoying the smell of flowers in the air and now I am eating a burnt marshmallow flavoured chocolate bar.

Life is really good.

I was stressed. And then I started knitting an owl and I felt better.

Which is foolish. Pretty sure owls eat skwurls.....

work, tech debt 

So, I am trying to find a place to put a new variable we need to carry around and I finally find the code where I need to add it *and* there are no tests.

It is gnarly 80 line method calling into multiple other places and doing some fun data munging.

So writing tests for what I have been doing all day.

birth, usa 

So, this is my first time being on a team where someone has a baby in the US.

Our manager announced that 'Alice' had gone into labour a couple of weeks early and so would be off until further notice.

Without even saying congratulations, the tech lead asked 'When is she coming back?' in a tone of mild annoyance. 'We need to know this to plan our quarter'.

Fuck your quarter bud. Nothing we are doing here today is more important.

'Well, the average maternity leave is about 12 weeks'

And I just stared at the camera.


It was just a quiet little song; but Portugal's entry is the one I have felt like replaying.

Low energy skwurl today. I think I'll go to bed early.

book report 

Starting reading Nudge. Feel like it really hasn't aged well since 2008; but we will see if it improves.

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