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even when im usually in worse-case scenario mode things sometimes still jump out of the woodwork lol

thank you sincerely everyone who helped me w/tax stuff yesterday, youre lifesavers ; ; πŸ–€

"you make us look bad" politics 

Cops open the hood of their car like this to block dash cams. This is a signal to start filming.

or an aluminum baseball bat wrapped in razor wire lesbian

im less of a sword lesbian & more of a molotov cocktail lesbian


lewd mechanical shitpost 

Hey all, if you're unable to physically get to a Stop & Shop picket line (perhaps because you don't live in New England) one thing you can do is spam the online applications for temporary workers in order to make it difficult to hire scabs. The application process is pretty long but what matters is to make it difficult for them to sort through. It requires an SSN (sent over an insecure connection!!) so please use Fake Numbers and not your real SSN

how cruel this world where we only realize years later what we lost by the acts of those pressures around us keeping us from being ourselves when it most mattered

mourning unmade connections & lost time

burying regrets in fertile soil & hoping the fruit they bear is sweeter than the bitterness they carry now

i would -absolutely- wear this outfit while wandering around downtown north bend do -not- test me πŸ‘€

really fuckin quick trace-over of an old sticker bc i missed using it but the old one was just.... not current me lol

still working on real shit, still getting used to CSP bc SAI is just. creaky at this point

hit upon something while working today

half my problem in getting things done on time is my impatience

if something looks like its gonna take a long time (even if like. its what i -do-, is make art, sometimes its gonna take several hours cumulative to do 1 piece), the executive dysfunction creeps in & everything freezes.... thus completely proving the point by making it take 1000x longer by waiting so fuckin long lol

i thought you were the flu but you turned out to be just a lite sneeze

either way you ran your course & the fever broke

i forgot namco high existed & now im extremely upset that i remembered


its hard to keep the past in the past when i keep wishing i could go back & change things

i know its a bad habit & i know it brings nothing but sadness but i cant seem to help myself

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