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illness but lewd? 

why can't i smooch the fennec and the lizrrt at the same time ugh. geography is fuckin' homophobic T_T

weird and fucked up that the more visibly femme i get the more comfortable i get with he/him pronouns. my absolute gender chaos runs fuckin' DEEP, lmao~

Me: i need other people who play instruments to play instruments with me. What is that called? I'm drawing a blank.

Friend: a polycule


Me: yes

maybe i should stop trying to figure out WHY for once in my life and just enjoy this~

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still just did all the pieces fall this way? how the fuuuck did i end up so lucky? ;;

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🦊🦊🦎❀️ (a bit nude, but not particularly NSFW)

@Eisbar + me + jeffC (who's currently not on the fediverse...yet c.c)

*rolls away bisexually to do other work~*

"might fuck around and be extremely, impossibly in love with two people i've known for a couple decades"

furry art, a little nudity 


we may just break the jeff. skink snapped in half. precautions necessary? hmm


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just thinking "wow, it's real neat to have a third that's ALSO a nudist (and then some)" lmao.

this, after i swore up and down i'd NEVER give amtrak a dime again, i know,

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...sometime soon i may just try to get enough cash to hop a train (and hop back) and head to stockton for a week because i need to love up a certain lizrrd ASAP

things have been VERY up and down for the past week for various reasons but

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