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just thinking "wow, it's real neat to have a third that's ALSO a nudist (and then some)" lmao.

this, after i swore up and down i'd NEVER give amtrak a dime again, i know,

...sometime soon i may just try to get enough cash to hop a train (and hop back) and head to stockton for a week because i need to love up a certain lizrrd ASAP

things have been VERY up and down for the past week for various reasons but

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gosh. GOSH. things are...exciting right now. 9-10 months out (or even less, depending!) from the three of us living together on the west coast. i feel *alive*.

try not to ever take your friends for granted, and remember to tell them you love them

it's later than you think

c.c; oops.

i feel weirdly whole~

(still not back yet, tho)

i could be way gushier and mushier here, but i'll spare you, haha. *_*

how did this happen. how. how the fuck. i'm. i'm gay? i'm GAY? i'm GAY.

shit. fuck. shit.

okay, back to work.

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selfies, eye contact, sensual but SFW, boosts OK+. Show more

(still on hiatus, just being a vain little twink, haha. buhbye again~ <3)

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